Don’t Forget About The Evolution Weekend Blog-A-Thon!

Don’t forget that this is EVOLUTION WEEKEND! If you have a blog, please blog about evolution and religion at least once this weekend! Now, on to a recap of some recent activity in the blogosphere…

Stranger Fruit has a post that should not be missed, about a conference at which a scientist connected with the Intelligent Design movement acknowledged he came up with results that support evolution. The International Society for Science and Religion has issued a statement about Intelligent Design. IO9 has a post on the speed of evolution compared to genetic engineering.

A blog I hadn’t heard of before, Orcinus, has a piece about recognizing the signs that a millenialist group is headed for the dark side (HT Secher Nbiw). Merkavah Vision Biblioblog introduces us to a new word.

Andrew Tatusko points to a multi-post discussion of The God Delusion at kai euthus.

Mystical Seeker quotes Spong on the Bible. Just an apprentice asks about exclusion (and expulsion) and embrace. Mike L asks about the future of the Emergent Church.

Lots of bloggers are talking about Rowan Williams’ statement about Sharia law. Ruth Gledhill and Faith & Theology are but a couple of recent examples. Jim West addresses the issue of politics and biblioblogging.

Finally, while it isn’t the first manga version of the Bible, there is a new one that certainly stands out

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  • Steve Martin

    Hi James, Are you planning on highlighting all the different posts on evolution & faith – kind of like Tangled Bank ( does for science every couple of weeks? I *might* be posting something on it this weekend .. not sure if I’ll find the time. It also might also be interesting to compile a list of posts on “Evolution Sunday / Weekend” itself .. highlighting different perspectives from those of us that wish to promote a positive interaction between evolution & the Christian faith. For example, Henry Neufeld just posted “Not doing Evolution Sunday” at (although he sort of is) and I posted some thoughts on the weekend from an Evangelical perspective at:

  • Gwynne Watkins

    Hi James,I have a relatively new religion and culture blog called God Spam — here’s my contribution to Evolution Weekend:,Gwynne

  • Robin

    The above comment about doing a Tangled Bank style post on this is a great idea. Seconded!(I’m going to try and post something but it’s officially Do Nothing Weekend for me since I’m so drained from job interviews.)

  • James F. McGrath

    That’s a wonderful suggestion, and if anyone else does something of this sort, let me know – I too will try to collect all the links, and/or all the collections of links, on this blog as well.Send me your huddled masses of links to Evolution Weekend blog posts yearning to breathe free! :)

  • Gabriel Mckee

    My Evolution Weekend Blog-A-Thon post is a short essay on Robert J. Sawyer’s novel Calculating God: