Jim West Returns!

Someone hacked Dr. Jim West’s blog, and so it is a sad day in the blogosphere for all who value intelligent discussion of serious issues related to theology and the Bible. But there is happy news: he seems willing to start over! [UPDATE: Bob MacDonald at Sufficiency has made an archived version of the posts from Jim’s old blog available here. Thanks Bob!]

I’m involved in a continuing discussion of salvation and different religions at Pisteuomen. Check it out!

In other news, Bill Dembski seems to think that, if prominent physicists expressed doubts about Darwinian evolution, then all the biologists, geneticists and paleontologists must be wrong. What a strange argument…

Episcopal Cafe highlights how, when it comes to money, the Bible belt is quite happy to not take the Bible literally.

And Francis Collins on the Colbert Report, like anyone on the Colbert Report, is definitely worth seeing.

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