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A recent visitor to the blog asked about the city reflected in the water in the LOST commercials and other promotional materials. We know they’re “not in Portland”, right? There has been a lot of discussion of this topic, but with no clear answers yet. Could it be LA? Is it supposed to be the lost city of Atlantis? Is it a real-life city on Earth in our time, a futuristic one, or something else? We don’t have enough information yet to know what to make of this clue, but its significance will presumably fall into place in time. Now, on to other news…

There is a video by Al Gore that articulates well why the separation of church and state in public schools is so important.
Ben Witherington’s collection of humorous sayings is worth a look. I particularly like the “Senility Prayer”: “Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference”.
Wired has a nice piece on the ongoing public debates over Darwin, and a particularly well-articulated conclusion emphasizing that this isn’t a debate among scientists about the merits of the prevailing theory (which owes every bit as much to subsequent studies in genetics as it does to Darwin’s insight). Wesley Elsberry has a piece on how antievolutionists get Darwin wrong…again.
TheoGeek talks about how the Christian view of works has done a 180. R. T. Jones talks about why the Bible is not for children (a subject I’ll be talking about in class again soon).
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