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As usual, this post is one big collection of spoilers if you missed tonight’s episode, which revealed Sayid to be one of the Oceanic Six. This is a brief list of the most crucial clues and further mysteries in this episode.

Sayid is an assassin, and we learn at the very end of the episode that he is working for Ben, and doing so in order to protect his friends. But which friends? The other members of the Oceanic Six, or ones still on the island? Since we don’t know when these future events take place in relation to other things we’ve seen, we can’t say for certain whether this means that the person whose viewing Jack went to wasn’t Ben. Indeed, given Sayid’s line of work, it could well have been him, for all we know.

Naomi was wearing a bracelet with the inscription: “N. I’ll always be with you. R. G.” Was Elsa wearing the same bracelet, or at least a similar one?

The cabin is gone (though the line of pebbles or ash is still there).

Regina on the ship fires a rocket with a stopwatch. It arrives 31 minutes later with the clock no longer syncronized to the one Dan has.

In Ben’s house there is a secret room with money and passports from all sorts of countries. And clothes.

The hotel where Elsa is supposed to meet her employer is called Hotel Adlon. This is presumably an anagram. It can spell out “And to hell” (and online one can see all the possibilities).

Lots more mysteries to be solved. LOST more mysteries…

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