One-Stop Evolution Weekend Blogging

This post will make available links to all the blogging related to Evolution Weekend that I can find. If I miss something, please leave a comment and let me know there is more to add!

A Guy In The Pew: Evolution Weekend
An Evangelical Dialogue On Evolution: Et Tu Tony? A Critique of Tony Campolo’s attack on “Darwinism”
Jim West points to a Thoughtful Essay on Evolution and Christianity and also offers a great quote about Intelligent Design.
Pastor Bob Cornwall offers an Evolution Sunday Sermon: Time To Change The Light Bulb, as well as other posts on related topics.
Mike L has a post for Evolution Sunday
Gabriel McKee offered two posts: A Collection of the Best of GodTube on Evolution, and an assessment of the theology of Robert J. Sawyer’s thought-provoking novel Calculating God.
Henry Neufeld explains why he isn’t, and yet sort of is, participating in Evolution Sunday
John Pieret’s contribution is entitled “Majesty” (and he has another post on Darwin’s Place)
Quixie offers $.02 Worth
Northstate Science gives us some insights into Evolution Weekend in Northeastern California
Drew has a post on the Consumer Society. How much does it relate to Evolution Weekend? I’ll let you be the judge…

There is also a collection of Darwin Day posts being compiled.

And as usual, Denyse O’Leary misses the point. How many people who are persuaded by the evidence for evolution also agree with E. O. Wilson on other subjects is irrelevant. Scientific matters aren’t decided based on the philosophical views the scientists happen to hold, but on the basis of the evidence. And on the other side of the fence, Atheist Revolution notices that not everyone involved in an Evolution Weekend event was clear on the concept behind it.

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