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Quote of the Day (Senator Mitch McConnell)

Sen. Mitch McConnell referred to the Democratic race as being between “a New York senator who was born in Illinois, and an Illinois senator who was apparently born in a manger” (Reported in the Washington Post via Commonweal; HT Obamianity and Melissa Rogers). [Read more…]

Rated M For Meme

I’d like to thank Ian for awarding me (or should that be “infecting me with”?) the “Rated E for Excellent” award – which is also a meme, since you then pass it on to ten other blogs, and so on until the word “excellent” in reference to blogs eventually loses all meaning, or the meme [Read More…]

Relegated to the Fringe (The Bloggersation Continues)

Michael has responded and suggested that I am ‘blurring the lines’. I would like to counter and argue that I see the lines as already being blurry, and feel that Michael is trying to make them clear and obvious where they aren’t. In discussing my earlier invocation of the evidence of Acts 17, Michael takes [Read More…]

Paul and Pluralism (A Reply to Ken Brown, Continuing the Bloggersation)

Thanks, Ken, for your insightful reply. I certainly would agree to a large extent with you (and Michael) that Paul saw himself as inviting people to experience redemption from the powers of the present evil age in and through Christ. To deny that this is central to his worldview, and his writings, would scarcely be [Read More…]

Brief Reply To Michael Halcomb

This is my reply to Michael Halcomb’s most recent contribution to our ongoing bloggersation. First let me address an apparent misunderstanding. You suggest that I think Paul is addressing legalism, when in fact I asserted (or meant to assert) the opposite. Perhaps I was unclear – indeed, I may have assumed that you would take [Read More…]

LOST: The Island and the People

Are the mysteries of the island on LOST ultimately irrelevant? Any true fan will of course be ready to hurl a can of Dharma Initiative baked beans at me for even thinking such a questions, much less putting it in writing. But please hear me out. I am not suggesting that the mysteries of the [Read More…]

Continuing Diablogue about Salvation and Christianity

This is a reply to some of the points Michael Halcomb made in responding to my previous post in this “blogalogue” (or is it “diablogue”?). Michael wrote: Paul is arguing that to trust in God is to trust in Jesus and Jesus only. It is not simply a social marker or some identity issue at [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Discovery Institute)

“The misreporting of the evolution issue is one key reason for this site” (Discovery Institute’s Evolution News and Views site. At last, something we agree on. The Discovery Institute does indeed maintain that site for the very reason specified: to misreport the “evolution issue”. HT John Pieret [Read more…]

Community of the Saved, or Salvation of the Community? (A Continuing Bloggersation)

I am grateful to Michael Halcomb, Ken Brown (twice) and Drew Tatusko for replying to an earlier conversation-starter of mine about Christianity, salvation and other religions. Since these responses are each rather different, I find myself wondering how to best reply. Rather than take each in turn, I want to try to ask a question [Read More…]

This Is The Word Of The Lord

Marcus Borg (in his book Reading the Bible Again For the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally (HarperSanFrancisco, 2001) p.33) disusses the custom of adding “This is the Word of the Lord” after Scripture readings. After amusingly suggesting replacing the statement with “Some thoughts from ancient Israel” or “Some thoughts from the [Read More…]