The Valentine’s Days Of Our Intelligent Design

BPSDB I wasn’t sure quite how to include Valentine’s Day and Days of our Lives and Intelligent Design in a single title. But it is Valentine’s Day, and there is not a lot of love between some individuals in the blogosphere, and in particular between two individuals connected with Uncommon Descent: DaveScot and Denyse O’Leary. See what DaveScot had to say about her over at PTET.

At first I thought this had to be a case of someone impersonating DaveScot from Uncommon Descent? If it is the real DaveScot who has been commenting at PTET lately, then his language would presumably alienate many of the home-schooling fundamentalists that provide the support base for the Intelligent Design movement. Or if it doesn’t, it should. But he is there at Uncommon Descent to stay, one presumes, because he is their token agnostic, and that adds to their street cred…or so they think.

At any rate, Uncommon Descent is not just a censored site for pseudoscience anymore. It has the makings of a soap opera. And this in addition to the rancor expressed in a recent parody of the peer-reviewed blogging logo. See the logo at the top right of this entry? That’s the nice version…

Happy Valentine’s Day…anyway!

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  • oleg

    And to top it off, last night Dave changed the link in the original post from (try it, it still works) to (which of course doesn’t). He just substituted the letter k with the letter h, which kinda looks similar.