Baptist Congratulates Muslim Democrat Elected to Represent Red State

The latest news from my state is that we elected the second ever Muslim to a seat in Congress. Andre Carson, grandson of the late Julia Carson. The first state to elect a Muslim to congress was Minnesota. There go some stereotypes about the Midwest. What is more astonishing is when a “red state” like Indiana elects a Democrat!

On another subject, I have self-identified as a Christian and more specifically a Baptist on this blog on many occasions, because otherwise people get the impression that this is what Baptists think:

I find it hard to imagine that there is actually a congregation somewhere that is proud to display this, and people who are comfortable attending (and being seen attending) a church that boasts of ignorance and irrationality as one of its aims. But the least the rest of us can do is make our own affiliations explicit, in order to make clear that the Baptists, like Christians more generally, are diverse, and by no means generally characterized by opposition to reason.

"I'm King - my mother is not my superior."

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  • Perhaps the people at Uncommon Descent go to this church

  • TomS

    I wondered about the source of that quotation, so I searched the web, and, while I don’t have a full citation, it appears to have been part of a comment recorded in Luther’s “Table Talk”, against the anabaptists:”The anabaptists pretend that children, not as yet having reason, ought not to receive baptism. I answer: That reason in no way contributes to faith. Nay, in that children are destitute of reason they are all the more fit and proper recipients of baptism. For reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things.”Why would a Baptist church be quoting this with approval?