Expelled! The Video Game

Pseudoscience needs the support of a video game to really flourish. Following on the great success of our Michael Behe vs. the Mousetrap game, we’ve now added a new addition to our products: Expelled! The Video Game.

Ben Stein is the wizard trying to defend his movie theater of hocus pocus from intruding scientists. Use left and right arrows to change P. Z. Myers’ direction at any time. Press the space bar to have Ben Stein cast his spell and attempt to make PZ fade into ghostly nothingness.

Avoid the ‘d’ key at all costs, or Richard Dawkins will sneak past, right under Ben’s nose!

Scratch Project

[Like the last game, this one was created using MIT’s Scratch program. Feel free to tinker with the game and make improvements, and if you do, please leave a comment with a link to let me know!]

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