Plagiarism Tutorial

No, I don’t mean a tutorial to teach students how to plagiarize. They clearly seem to know that instinctively. I mean a tutorial to help students grasp, through specific examples and questions they have to answer, what plagiarism is.

Butler University’s library has made just such a tutorial available online. I share it here in the hope that other professors and teachers may find it useful and perhaps direct their own students to it. It won’t stop plagiarism, but at least hopefully it will stop the whining complaints that they “didn’t realize” they were plagiarizing, which professors hear so often that we start to wonder whether such pleas are themselves plagiarized, too!

In other news, the T&T; Clark Blog today highlighted a new release in which I’ve contribributed a chapter. The title is Who Do My Opponents Say That I Am?: An Investigation of the Accusations Against Jesus (Library of New Testament Studies). At a mere $130, I’m sure you’ll want to run out and grab your copy as soon as it is available…

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  • Doug Chaplin

    At that price I’m sure you’ll want to make sure they send me a review copy :-)

  • James F. McGrath

    I hope you and all bloggers focused in relevant areas will request review copies. Most academic publishers seem to be aware of bloggers and the value of book reviews on blogs. So please ask, and I expect you shall receive!

  • William Wallace

    A useful post, just sent the tutorial to a friend who is in graduate school.

  • Eric Rowe

    I think most students who plagiarize do know that they’re doing it. They may manage to appear to have gotten caught up in it innocently, and may even be convinced that it’s ok, but only by having gone through a mental process of justifying it.What I think they really need to learn is that the level of understanding of the material that would be necessary to be able to pawn off plagiarism as their own work to a professor with a background in the field, they would need to do a lot more work and have a lot more knowledge than would be needed simply to write a good paper on their own. The reason a lot of undergrads get away with plagiarism isn’t so much that they did a good job of it as it is that the grader or professor didn’t want to go through the trouble of finding the proof that their hunch is right. But sometimes they do go through that trouble, and when they do, the student will get caught.

  • Dr. Claude Mariottini

    James,The tutorial is very good. I will recommend it to my students.Claude Mariottini