Reviews of Michael Behe’s The Edge of Evolution

Yesterday I mentioned Stephen Webb’s review of Behe’s The Edge of Evolution for Christianity Today‘s web site. A while back I wrote a review of Behe’s book on this blog, which I also posted at, where it also led to some discussion. I also addressed the old “monkeys with typewriters” illustration, emphasizing that to be a meaningful analogy, one has to have a typewriter with only four letters (A, C, G and T), a language where every word has three letters, and where every combination of three letters is found in nature and means something.

Since the discussion of the book is apparently ongoing, I thought I’d revisit these earlier posts. For the perspective of biologists, see in particular the review by Sean Carroll, as well as those by Paul Gross, Ken Miller and Richard Dawkins. Ken Miller and Francisco Ayala are two Christians who are also top-notch biologists who have addressed Intelligent Design in general, and Behe’s claims in particular, in their books, considering them from a theological as well as a scientific perspective. They find Behe’s arguments wanting on both counts.

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  • Drew

    Ken Miller’s review looks like quite the smack-down. Thanks for sharing.