Waiting to Expel

Rather than continue to add links to my previous post about the expulsion of P. Z. Myers from a movie entitled Expelled! which complains about the “Darwinian establishment” allegedly expelling and censoring people because of their views, I’ve decided to post this follow-up.

If you haven’t been following the issue, please do look into it. The irony is that those who cry that they are being persecuted and censored can, for once, be seen clearly to have been projecting their own approach onto those they disagree with.

There is a web site dedicated to the issue: Expelled Exposed.
Amused Muse offers two reviews of Expelled.
Higgaion highlights the contradictory explanations offered by the same people for PZ’s expulsion. The Bad Idea Blog offers a whole series of posts on the subject, the latest being the movie’s producers scrambling to deal with the bad PR from this incident.
Pharyngula offers some action items as well as highlighting more dishonesty from the Expelled camp.
The Panda’s Thumb asks what went wrong that this much-trumpeted movie is turning into one that has to be given away for free, and notes Uncommon Descent’s attempt to place the blame on “Clinton” Dawkins.
John Pieret has several posts including one on spin.
Jason Rosenhouse and Mike the Mad Biologist join in the debate about how to best frame the religion-science issue. Greg Laden recommends a relentless critique of antiscientific/pseudoscientific creationisms. James Hrynyshyn asks what’s wrong with “telling it like it is?”
A lengthy collection of skeptical rants is offered by Ben Stein in the first person.

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