Around the Battlestar: He That Misseth The Season Premiere Shall Not Perish

I’ve yet to watch the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica, which aired last night. So I am sharing posts that I won’t actually read until I’ve seen the episode itself:

Galactica Sitrep tells you where to find the episode if you missed it.
IO9 live blogged the episode, and also has a post on the stats of survival. Battlestar Galactica blog also liveblogged it.
C.Orthodoxy and SF Gospel have reflections on the episode and in particular religious themes.
Paul Levinson also has a post about it.
Bear McCreary, who has composed music for the show, has a blog, with a post on the season premiere.
If you speak Hungarian, this may interest you.
There’s a discussion forum at the Battlestar Blog.

Mark Goodacre will get to see the season premiere of Dr. Who before most of the rest of us.

In other news, Mike Beidler encourages Answers in Genesis to follow its own advice.
The Bad Idea Blog admits that there is a way for creationists to defeat evolution – in theory, at least (if you’ll excuse the pun).
Henry Neufeld drew attention to a post at Playing Chess With Pigeons about who is really discriminated against when it comes to science and religion, and by whom.
Science Avenger discusses why a so-called “fair and balanced” approach is not always best.
Mystical Seeker pointed me to an interesting post (and blog) from Liberal Pastor.
Drew shows how Sally Kern continues to use piety as an excuse for discrimination.
April DeConick has had several interesting posts lately, on subjects like New Testament manuscripts and the Synoptic Problem.
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