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Last night’s episode of LOST? AMAZING!

Scientist, Interrupted shares decisive considerations why Noah’s flood can’t account for fossil footprints.

Chuck Blanchard discusses Christianity and evolution.

Experimental theology discusses current intellectual debates.

Iyov suggests that Nancy Pelosi got the Bible right even though she got it wrong.

Internet Monk explains why saying you “simply believe the Bible” should earn you a slap.

Find and You Shall Seek discusses the Ehrman-Wright conversation.

In the Open Spaces discusses God on Battlestar Galactica. IO9 does too.

Henry Neufeld has several posts on evolution, and a link to a post on Intelligent Design by Bruce Alderman.

The Panda’s Thumb continues to follow Ben Stein’s downfall as well as what Mark Mathis doesn’t know..

Jason Clark has an interesting post on postmodernism, truth and religious pluralism – and “anatheism”.

42 discusses complementarianism, male headship, and whether Adam was male from the beginning.

Liberal Pastor reflects on listening to a talk by John Shelby Spong.

Will we have more earthshaking events in my area?

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