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Drew draws attention to a series about what Presbyterians (PCUSA) believe.
Ancient Hebrew Poetry asks what counts as an error in the Bible.
Mark Goodacre talks about the season premiere of Dr. Who, as does The Busybody.
Richard Dawkins will appear on Dr. Who this season.
Galactica Sitrep has a round-up of the responses to the season premiere. IO9 compares the BSG and Dr. Who premieres.
Something Awful shares some wonderful reverse magazines.
Beyond the Firmament aspires to be my quote of the day. Should I do it?
Evolving thoughts addresses religious and scientific epistemology.
John Pieret continues to highlight what’s wrong with Expelled.
P.Z. Myers wishes you an ontogenetically deep Paul Nelson Day, as well as highlighting a bizarre and disturbing religious outburst.
The Bad Idea Blog features Ben Stein’s predestined expulsion by a Calvinist minister.
Mike Beidler has questions for Answers in Genesis.
An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution suggests it might be best for seminarians to have their crises of faith in seminary rather than as ministers. Northstate Science discusses the way intelligent design and creationism put faith at risk.
Progress is being made on accounting for the left-handedness of amino acids.
Chrisendom reviews the book God’s Rivals. Liberal Pastor discusses proselytizing.
Evangelical Textual Criticism outlines the Ehrman-Wallace debate.
Prophets and Pop Stars desperately needs this link.

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  • chris

    Ah, you are a gentleman and a scholar, I see. Came by looking for a discussion to jump into and was so pleasantly surprised. You Rock! (Thou Dost Rocketh/kjv)Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    That I find as a disappointment. I don’t want one of my favorite TV shows taking a side in something that I’ve already found my own answer to.Hopefully its just a cameo appearance. Davies, from my perspective, seemed very good at keeping his views on this subject out of the show. This seems like a total slap in the face. I’d still like to see it, but I already know what Dawkins position is: If you disagree with me on the question of God, you are delusional.I can tolerate a lot from a show, but if Doctor Who adopts that stance, its basically 20 episodes telling me that I’m stupid.