Average-Sized Weeds at Stonehenge and the Antichrist President

Today we got up to the Book of Revelation in my class on the Bible. One student in his presentation mentioned the amusing argument at Rusty Brain identifying George Bush as the antichrist. The relevant section reads:

George W. Bush = 666 in code. Here’s scientific proof. Take each letter of the alphabet and assign it a number, starting with A=1. Add up the letters of Dubya’s name, which totals 130. Now multiply 130 x 5.123076923076923, which is the average height of the weeds growing at Stonehenge measured in Hellenistic cubits. The mark of the Beast!

For more apocalyptic humor as the end (of the semester) approaches, check out these other numbers of the beast. All these are old jokes, but they may be new for some of you. I think my favorite is the “beast common denominator”…

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