Plagiarize? You’ll Get EXPELLED!

I recently posted a link to a plagiarism tutorial to help students avoid getting expelled. I also have a page of my own creation with examples and explanations. It seems as though my students may not be the only ones who need such help.

Ian at Further Thoughts has posted a round-up of the blogospheric activity relating to the use of an animation in the movie Expelled that seems to have been used without permission. It may be a copy of an animation that they were not given permission to use.

Plug this into the plagiarism tutorial and see who deserves to be expelled

See further ERV (twice), The Austringer, Threads from Henry’s Web, The Panda’s Thumb (twice), The Bad Idea Blog, Stranger Fruit (twice), Monkey Trials, Hyphoid Logic, Open Parachute and Science Avenger, among others. Even IO9 has a mention, which implicitly places the movie in the correct genre: science fiction. Also, John Pieret gives a snippet from Michael Shermer’s review of the movie. Playing Chess With Pigeons and Pharyngula have reviews from Scientific American. Higgaion has a wonderful discussion of why Ken Miller is not in the movie, and Duane Smith has a follow-up. There is also a review at Debunking Christianity. AIG Busted points to one written by Robert McHenry. Denyse O’Leary thinks she knows, as always.

Any resemblance of the above post to other blog entries on the same subject is completely coincidental. The image, logo and cartoon reproduced here are not those found elsewhere on the internet. They are just copies that, coincidentally, look remarkably like those images, logos and cartoons…

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