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Here’s another phishing attempt that made it through my spam filter. I have no idea what “Steam” is, but I hope those who do know don’t fall for this hoax and part with their personal information. The link doesn’t take you where it claims to, and the e-mail address likewise shows that the e-mail isn’t from the company it claims to be from (


Dear Steam user,

This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration.
From high security reasons, please secure your SteamID account now. Over
10000 accounts was stolen, be one of the 15 million people who already secured
there steam account! Just visit


The Steam Support Team

To contact us, email

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  • Would you like to donate to my charity? We will be donating copies of Webster’s New World English Grammar Handbook to phishers and other scammers.

  • How about a charity that donates such books to the victims of scammers, to help them learn to recognize those who are unlikely to have millions of dollars to transfer around? 🙂

  • You’d just be insulting them 🙂