The Biologic Institute

The web site of the Biologic Institute has at long last gone live. I think that, rather than being immediately ridiculed, this endeavour should be encouraged. Rather than fighting in the battle for public opinion, let’s see if those involved in this institute can produce real science that produces results that can command general assent among experts. If not, the message will be clear.

In other words, let’s see if they can put their logic where their bio is. Let’s see if they can contribute something beyond an analogy to human-made machines, something that only makes sense if living organisms were designed to fulfill a specific purpose by a designer. Let see whether, on some Earth Day still to come, they have made the earth a better place.

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  • Anonymous

    One of this items listed is “Functional constraints and design constraints.”It would be interesting to hear about the constraints that the designer(s) work under.Are they going to discover that there are some things that the designer(s) can’t do? TomS