The Sound of Things to Come: Benjamin Linus Plays Rachmaninov

In case anyone was wondering, the piece Benjamin Linus was playing on LOST (in the episode “The Shape Of Things To Come“) was Rachmaninov’s Prelude in C# minor. It is a wonderful piece, which I once upon a time could just about make it through from beginning to end. The middle section is challenging to play, never mind to play with proper emphasis on the four descending tones so as to bring them out above the rest of the frantic notes. I never quite got there, and so I can’t blame Ben for travelling through time and ensuring that his compound would come under siege at just the right moment so that we wouldn’t catch him making mistakes in that part of the piece…

Rachmaninov wrote some wonderful music. Listen to the second and third piano concertos and the second symphony if you’ve never heard them. But perhaps most technically impressive are the second set of Etudes Tableaux, Op. 39 No. 1 and No. 3 – in particular as played by Vladimir Ashkenazy. Here are some other performers:

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

If you’d rather hear the full piece Ben was playing:
YouTube Preview Image

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  • ArchieLeach

    Interesting that he’s playing a ‘Prelude’ at that moment…I love these guys.

  • 9

    Hello there,At first I wanted only to express my joy, that I’ve finally found somewhere the title of the piano piece which Ben Linus is playing in newest Lost episode. That I’ve been googling for the title for, well, two or three hours, and finally found it… I never was much into Rachmaninov, so I couldn’t come up with this myself.But then, after first moment of delight, when I looked at your profile, I realized that this blog is about study of religions (at least I think it is… ;)), which is better all the more. :)Thank you, sir, for the clue about the piano piece mystery, and greetings from Poland,Joachim.

  • DJmerkury

    I actually thought that the piece was from a Jethro Tull song called “By Kind Permission Of”. It is on the album “Living in the Past”. The exact moment in the Tull song starts at 7:57, which I also thought could relate to the type of plane that crashed on the island, but I think it may have been a 767 instead. Nonetheless, it is very similar to the Tull song and to make it even more ironic the next track on “Living in the Past” is titled “DHARMA FOR ONE”!!!