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Pew Forum has a lengthy interview with Andrew Newberg about religion and neuroscience. There are also articles by him available online.

Mystical Seeker ponders the universe in all its unfolding creativity. Scot McKnight wrestles with the impression one can get from the Bible that God is a bully. NT Wrong blogs about the God of the flood story.

Pharyngula points us to Josh Rosenau who points us to a poll at Coral Ridge Ministries. I’d like to suggest that the real challenge to America’s spiritual health is (1) Christians shifting the blame onto everyone else, as this poll does; (2) people viewing the world through fundamentalist ministries like Coral Ridge and their online polls; and (3) Christians regarding education as a threat to faith, as the poll suggests. First Things has more on the Evangelical Manifesto.

The Panda’s Thumb recognizes that antievolutionism is a cultural phenomenon, and asks how to address it as such. New Scientist lists characteristics we thought were unique to humans, but it now seems we share with other animals.

TheoFantastique discusses religion in I Am Legend. SF Gospel looks at ancient names and religion in Battlestar Galactica.

Geza Vermes is critical of the Pope’s book about Jesus. And then there’s Hans Küng.

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