Blogs that Make Me Think and Make My Day

Carmen Andres kindly chose me as one of her five blogs that make her think and make her day. Thanks Carmen! Now all I have to do is whittle down my own list to a mere five and pass on the honor…and that’s not easy! But I will choose five, as I must…

Thoughts in a Haystack
Find and Ye Shall Seek
Forbidden Gospels
Ponderings on a Faith Journey

And now, here are the runners up: Chrisendom, Abnormal Interests, A Guy In The Pew, Liberal Pastor in Burnsville, An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution, Earliest Christian History, Faith and Theology, Mainstream Baptist, NT Gateway, Progression of Faith, Quadrilateral Thoughts, SF Gospel, SF Signal, The Bad Idea Blog, The Panda’s Thumb, TheoFantastique, The Busybody, IO9, The Creation of an Evolutionist, Jim West, Notes From Off Center, Open Parachute, N. T. Wrong, Playing Chess With Pigeons, Quintessence of Dust, Threads from Henry’s Web, and countless others that I have neglected to mention because either (1) they’ve already been nominated by someone else, or (2) they are sure to be nominated by someone else, or (3) they haven’t posted in a while, or (4) they didn’t blog about the LOST season finale, or (5) I forgot. So all you other bloggers out there, get to work nominating these other great blogs!

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  • Robert Cornwall

    James, I’m honored to be numbered among your favorites — especially ahead of Chris Tilling!

  • Mystical Seeker

    Wow, I’m deeply honored. Thank you!

  • Doug Chaplin

    James, thank you very much for this award. May I be the first to be deeply honoured (with a very British “u”)?

  • Mike Beidler

    Thanks for the nod, James!

  • John W. Morehead

    James, thanks for the mention. It’s nice to know my ramblings have some value.