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Dan was kind enough to share his skeptical account of his own religious experience. Iyov has joined in the conversation (indirectly). Chuck Blanchard has not only joined in our ongoing conversation about progressive Christianity and metaphor, but also directs readers to a blog I hadn’t encountered before, which discusses Wright and Bultmann on the resurrection. Vridar has a series on the binding of Isaac and the death of Jesus, as well as pointing to Iranian bloggers’ letters to Jesus.

Chris Tilling has a quote and a treatment of 1 Enoch in relation to Christian universalism. Ben Myers blogs about the divisiveness of universalism. Henry Neufeld shares four posts on Scripture from a moderate perspective. Tony Jones recommends A Christianity Worth Believing, of which some chapters are available in pdf format online. Progression of Faith recommends The Fidelity of Betrayal. Progressive Churchlady suggests that one blogger can make a difference.

Expelled Exposed has a new video about the evolution of creationism into intelligent design:

John Pieret looks at statistics about high school teachers and evolution, as does the Evilutionary Biologist. 16% of US science teachers are apparently creationists! Josh Rosenau talks about the KKK and Expelled. AIG Busted talks about pop science. John Wilkins blogs about evolution and cognition.

Gabriel McKee writes about loving the alien and whether God and aliens are compatible. Carmen Andres blogs about Firefly. Jesus Creed has posts on evolution and on whether “wrath” in the Bible is “impersonal”. Internetmonk calls Christians to have the courage to acknowledge that Christians have been wrong.

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  • Philip

    Carl Jung said “we receive the light of consciousness from the Self and although we know it to be the source of our illumination, we do not know whether it possesses anything we would call consciousness…. If the Self could be wholly experienced, it would be a limited experience, whereas in reality its experience is unlimited and endless…. If I were one with the Self I would have knowledge of everything, I would speak Sanskrit, read cuneiform script, know the events that took place in pre-history be acquainted with the life of other planets, etc. “.Jung was speaking as a scientist about something he had discovered in his psyche and in others. I am curious if any of you atheists have a problem with this?

  • I’d love to get your take on this wackiness originating out of that breeding ground for all things wacky, Florida. Missionaries from something called the JESUS Film Project are claiming that witchcraft has been deated in the Central African Republic because people there watched their JESUS film…

  • philip asks,Jung was speaking as a scientist about something he had discovered in his psyche and in others. I am curious if any of you atheists have a problem with this?You’re kidding us, right?That’s such a bunch of psychobabble that nobody in their right mind could have any idea what it means.I sure don’t. Do you?

  • Philip

    Well, Jung and Freud and others began a map of the human psyche. In particular, Jung identified certain classifications such as: the attitudes of Introversion and Extraversion, the functions of Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, Intuition, The Unconscious (Personal and Collective), the archetypes such as the ego, the persona, the shadow, the anima (in men), the animus (in women), and the self. Here is a more complete description.