LOST: The Shape Of Seasons To Come

Tonight’s season finale certainly didn’t disappoint – and now we have indeed found some spoilers to have been true. We also know a bit more about what will happen next season on LOST. But there are a lot of details in tonight’s episode that we’ll be pondering for the rest of the series, and perhaps longer.

John Locke is dead, but the action will take us back to before that happened, and Locke will be an important character off the island, using the fake name Jeremy Bentham. Jack will believe him, and eventually (as we learned at the end of tonight’s episode) someone (presumably Widmore) will kill Locke and make it look like an accident. This doesn’t mean Locke won’t be in the final season. My guess is that they will all return to the island, and get there before Locke died, and thus change how things turn out. But it could also be that, as with the doctor on the freighter, Locke is still alive on the island even after he has died off it. It has even been suggested that when we see through Jack’s eye in the pilot episode, he has returned to the island, as well as having crashed there. Presumably at some point the contact with their earlier selves will be what creates the island anomaly in the first place, or will cause some other interesting effect. Some are also speculating that Locke isn’t really dead.

Charlotte had been born on the island. My guess is that it is only since the Dharma Initiative got there and caused the “incident” that released the electromagnetic energy, that women have been unable to conceive. Perhaps Charlotte was sent away from the island as a child, because of the dangers. Could Charlotte be Annie, Ben’s long lost love from his childhood?

Ben wants to figure out a way for all of them to return. But Christian and Claire are opposed to that plan.

That chamber Ben entered that was cold, with a giant wheel that one turns to move the island. Who made it? Some ancient civilization? Aliens? Who first discovered the power of the “negatively charged exotic matter” there? While Dharma was “running silly experiments”, the power of that place lay hidden behind the chamber.

Next season’s finale will presumably be when we find out whether what Ben said was true, whether the one who moves the island can never return. Ben had certainly left the island and returned, but presumably that had been a more ‘normal’ use of the Orchid station’s power. But Ben knew what to do. So who had left the island before? Perhaps Jacob did. Or perhaps it was Richard, and the result is that Ben, like Richard, will stop aging.

How did Locke leave the island? Was it via the Orchid station? Or did he not really blow up the submarine? Or does he have to move the island again himself eventually? What terrible things happened after (and because) Jack and the others left?

It was great to see Desmond and Penny reunited. It was also great to see Walt again – presumably he too will have a key role in what happens next. What will happen when Sayid gathers Hurley and the others? Will Desmond and Frank also have to return? How will that work if Ben still plans to kill Penny? So many questions, but as always the biggest is how to find the patience to wait until the next season begins.
Here’s one way to pass the time, in case you missed it. There was a commercial during the show for Octagon Global Recruiting. They are recruiting volunteers in your area…to work for the Dharma Initiative! Apparently the DI is confident they’ll be back on the island soon. The name “Octagon Global Recruiting” is an anagram for “clue: cabin a toggling rotor”, but there are so many possibilities. If you find another anagram in the name, let me know.
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  • Anonymous

    Annie. Ben’s little friend was Annie. (And Kate used the alias Annie, and her mother is Anne.) And *if* Charlotte was born on the island, I would think that her mom was pg when she arrived there. I would assume that she left at a very early age.

  • Thanks – I’ve fixed it! With all these Annies, I’m guessing the final season will end with the whole cast coming out on stage and singing “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”…

  • Is Jeremy Bentham a fake name or a clue as to what will happen next. Bentham was the late 18th century founder of Utilitarianism. How does Locke morph into Bentham? That is our next question!