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Spirits in a Material World: A Multi-Blog Conversation

There is a conversation going on around the blogosphere. It includes Larry Moran’s posts on “Sophisticated Religion“, “Sophisticated Believers“, and most recently “Clear as Mud”. Drew Tatusko has contributed a post on “God and Supernaturalism“as well as “Dear Atheist“. My own posts include “Does Being Exist?” and “Not Getting Through“. Carlo posted on “How To [Read More…]

Does Being Exist?

If the title of this post seems odd, I agree. But it helpfully shows why adherents to panentheism, Sufi Islam, some branches of Buddhism, process theology, existentialist theology, linguistic theology and pantheism (and perhaps others such as “mystical atheists“) find themselves frustrated by repeated questions such as “What sophisticated arguments can you offer for the [Read More…]

LOST: A Theory On Time Travel

IO9 just shared a link to a web site that tries to explain what is going on on LOST in terms of time travel, time displacement and time loops. Fans will definitely want to take a look! [Read more…]

Human Rights Around The Universe

Amused Muse points out that the Discovery Institute is closer to Hitler’s view than those they accuse. For those who still know what “right wing” means, this is no surprise. Also at Pharyngula, which has another post on a University being taken to court because it dares to point out that some religious views are [Read More…]

Christian Shepherd: Time Traveller?

Many fans of LOST have noticed how Christian Shepherd has appeared different, and dressed differently, than in previous appearances. There are two possible explanations for this, both of which would make sense in terms of the mytholology and worldview of LOST. The first option is that Christian is himself involved with either Widmore or the [Read More…]

Not Getting Through

Is it just me wanting to ask questions that Larry Moran doesn’t consider interesting, or am I genuinely having trouble getting through? Here’s what he wrote in a recent comment on his blog, in response to my response to his response to… The question that interests me is whether supernatural beings exist. If there are [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

Amused Muse blogs about Hedges, Hot Dish and Hogwash. Or about Expelled, in case the title isn’t self explanatory. Bad Idea Blog wonders if Expelled is running out of steam. Duane Smith comments on Einstein’s letter (see also Vridar). Larry Moran doesn’t care. Chuck Blanchard blogs about neuroscience and religion. Ancient Hebrew Poetry also touches [Read More…]

Apprehending Jesus’ Apprehension

There are a few intriguing details about the arrest of Jesus that are given insufficient attention in scholarly as well as more popular studies. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor makes much of the fact that Jesus could have seen those coming to arrest him making their way with torches from Jerusalem across the Kidron Valley towards the place [Read More…]

Science and Religion Around the Blogosphere

(Or “Einstein the Atheist Wraps Anti-Evolutionists in Poison Ivy Flagella”) Those who claim evolution makes no predictions need to go roll around in poison ivy. For some, experiential learning works best. Mark Perrakh talks about what bacterial flagella really look like. Doppelganger asks if what is good for the Haeckel is also good for the [Read More…]

Has Science Made Belief In God Obsolete?

Metanexus has made a lengthy excerpt from Keith Ward’s latest book, Big Questions in Science and Religion, available online. Although it may be less than persuasive as an argument for theism, it certainly shows the limitations of materialism and the continued viability of religious worldviews. [Read more…]