There’s No Place Like LOST

Tonight will be the season finale of LOST, when we are sure to be wowed once again and then left wondering and with a painful sense of withdrawal until the next season.

There have been multiple allusions to The Wizard Of Oz, and the fact that the finale is called “There’s No Place Like Home” should make us wonder whether, for the survivors on the island, like Dorothy in Oz, the key to returning home was with them all along.

IO9 translates an interesting theory into language those who haven’t watched Red Dwarf can understand. Buddy TV also has some speculations about tonight’s two hour finale. You can also read John Locke’s comic book online now. Would a show like LOST have worked in the pre-internet age?

I’ve been wondering ever since the episode “Not In Portland” aired about the producers’ hint that there was an easter egg embedded in the episode that explained more about the island’s timeline and the corpses found in season 1. Most have been content to assume that the easter egg in question is the fact that Mittelos was an anagram for “lost time”. Others have noted that one sequence played backwards reveals the words “only fools are enslaved by time and space“. But no one else seems to have noted that the latter phrase can be rearranged as well, and the results can included the words “Adam Eve corpses“!

I’d like to suggest that the corpses are Jack and Kate, and that their finding and touching their own remains is somehow responsible for the anomaly that is the island. LOST fans will recall how keeping the rabbit that has been brought through time from coming into contact with the one in the present.

Want a wild speculation? Jack is persuaded that he and Kate have to go back to the island because he has learned that Richard Alpert is in fact their son, and John Locke is their grandson. OK, so that probably won’t happen. But on LOST, anything is possible.

And about last week’s episode: “Jesus Christ is not a weapon” has to be one of the greatest lines on television, ever. By the way, did you know that Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley) has a blog?

Well, we last left the Oceanic Six in very different places. How will they all get together, and get off the island? I wonder whether they will, or whether they will simply have something in common at the moment Locke moves the island, that will move them someplace else. Only a few more hours until some of our questions are answered, and many more are raised, leaving us in suspense for the summer.
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