Around the Blogosphere (Barack Obama the Antichrist?)

Undeception points out another young-earth creationist claim that can be laid to rest (although if their past actions are anything to go by, the scientific evidence for their claim being false won’t stop them repeating it and believing it). Open Parachute highlights the challenges of coming out as a Christian who is persuaded by the evidence for evolution. Demonbaby explores the creation museum, and Robert Ritchie tackles regime change in heaven (HT Pharyngula).

Vridar continues discussing Evans’ Fabricating Jesus. Bay of Fundie highlights the allegation some are making that Barack Obama is the antichrist. The thing to keep in mind is that if Hilary had won the nomination, they’d be saying the same thing about her. In her case, they’d be pointing out things they don’t like about her. In Obama’s case, what gives him away as the antichrist is that he is likeable. And of course, his Christian credentials are so strong that the only chance they have of making the case is to claim that he is secretly a Muslim. Once again, “fundamentalist Christianity” shows it is not interested in truth, honesty or even Christianity, but right-wing politics promoted by any means no matter how dishonest or irrational. You pick who you want to oppose, and then manage to make them “fit” the Biblical references to the beast; you pick the pseudo-Gospel that you consider Christianity and lo and behold, you can find verses to support it, and conveniently ignore those that do not. If only they would stop and think, and ask themselves why Bush’s Christian credentials count for so much in their eyes, and Obama’s for so little…

C. Orthodoxy blogs about good and evil in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Clashing Culture discusses religion and aliens, while there is a possibly irritating essay on the one holy Klingon church.

Chuck Blanchard talks about blogging the rapture and the problem of evil.

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  • Anonymous

    While I haven’t read any of the Obama as the Anti Christ nonsense. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it, is a reaction to the Messianic language his supporters are using.See: Is Barack Obama the Messiah? 06/09/08 messiah in our midst? Obama an enlightened being? any rate, I think both sides should take a break. He’s just another politician.john

  • Cobalt

    I think the second most common search query for people who found my blog was something about Obama and Carpathia. I think it’s time to go poke the beehive. See if I can get some of these people to leave comment.

  • Bad

    “anonymous,” as you own links sort fo demonstrate, it’s often Obama’s political enemies who seem most interested in building up the “messiah” line and exaggerating enthusiasm into religious devotion… all so they can knock it down again.Goldberg is just one particularly slimy example.