Around the Blogosphere (The End of the Banana Argument)

Apparently the prediction that the world would end was slighly off. In fact, what ended was the era of the banana argument.

Chuck Blanchard blogs about John Haught. Iyov wonders why I didn’t comment on the latest news from the Discovery Institute. Bay of Fundie has a flow chart to help you figure out if it is religion or science. Clash of Culture discusses creationism as an easy target. On The Panda’s Thumb: should evolutionists be allowed to vote? Debunking Christianity has a LINE SINE Stein Design. Bill Dembski thinks an endorsement from Ann Coulter is the same as one from Francis Collins. If my own sampler isn’t enough for you, try the one at Quintessence of Dust.

Archaic Christianity points to Wright on the relationship between scholarship and discipleship. Scotteriology has some thoughts on gay marriage. Phil Wyman discusses Pentecost and the way of the Shaman. Mainstream Baptist chronicles the march of the Christmas warriors. Internetmonk blogs about “the easy God”.

Galactica Sitrep shares a comparison of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Jake Bouma highlights Christian theologians preparing for extraterrestrial life.

And finally, from ASBO Jesus

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