How I Know Barack Obama Is NOT The Antichrist

There has been a lot of discussion around the internet about whether Barack Obama could be the antichrist. I hope this post will address this issue from the perspective of serious study of the New Testament rather than the popular ignorance that all to many gullible Christians in our time seem to be taken in by.

There are several key pieces of evidence one ought to consider. First, there is the First Letter of John, which is the only place in the New Testament that the term “antichrist” is used. There, the author addresses readers who have “heard that antichrist is coming”, and debunks the notion of a single such figure, affirming that “many antichrists have gone out into the world”. The defining features of an antichrist are given: one who denies that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. Since Obama does not deny this, and indeed is a Christian, Obama cannot be an antichrist.

However, many use “antichrist” as a way of referring to the figure of the Beast in the Book of Revelation. Here too, however, I can affirm with certainty that Obama is not the Beast. How can I know this? Because while lay readers ignore the wealth of information available in commentaries, academic study Bibles and other sources, scholars in fact know beyond reasonable doubt to which individual or group of individuals the Book of Revelation was referring to.

Revelation 17 played a key role in challenging me out of the view of Revelation which predominates in fundamentalist circles, known as premillenial dispensationalism. This view affirms that the Book of Revelation, with the possible exception of the first three chapters, refers to the future, i.e. our future. But in Revelation 17, we’re told that the imagery refers to a kingdom centered on seven hills (i.e. Rome), and also the heads represent seven kings, of whom five have fallen and one now is… The question that readers of the Bible must not ignore is when that now refers to. And only one answer can be given that makes any sense: the time in which the Book of Revelation was written. No other interpretation makes sense. And so the symbolism clearly refers to the Roman Empire as it existed in the time the book was written.

Once one realizes this, suddenly it becomes clear that fundamentalists are forced to believe that the temple will be rebuilt and a new Roman empire created, simply to make the world the way it was when the book was written, so that its imagery can still have a future reference. But it makes no sense to say that John refers to a series of 6 emperors, and then ignores all the others that followed until Obama became president of the United States, and suddenly he is the last one. There is nothing in the text and nothing in any form of intelligent reasoning that could make such a leap justified.

As for the number of the beast, it has been deciphered since the time of the early Church, but lay readers continue to ignore both Christian history and Biblical scholarship. The number 666 refers to Caesar Nero. The alternate number 616 found in at least one manuscript could also refer to him if his name is spelled differently; or the reference could be to emperor Gaius Caligula, who tried to have his statue placed in the temple in Jerusalem. In either case, there is a reference to a Roman emperor of the first century. Since Nero was the sixth, he seems to fit the numbering in chapter 17. At any rate, only a reference to a ruler known in the author’s time makes sense of the text’s call to the reader to calculate the number. They were supposed to work out a system whereby it would refer to Obama, a name they never heard? Once again, fundamentalism ignores what the Bible says in order to claim the nonsensical and deceive people into thinking they have the authority of the Bible behind their nonsense.

As for the Book of Daniel, it refers to the Greeks and the warrior king Alexander the Great, and then the division of his kingdom, with two kingdoms (one to the north of Judea, one to the south, i.e. Syria and Egypt) that were created by Alexander’s generals from the fragments of his empire fighting over Palestine. It even uses the same reference found in Maccabees to refer to the desecration of the temple by the Syrian king Antiochus IV: the desolating sacrilege or “abomination of desolation”. The series of empires again fits history (up to a point, presumably in the time of the author, at which genuine prediction begins and accuracy diminshes). There is no place left for a leap to our future. The only way to justify such a leap is to point out that otherwise the Bible is wrong. But again, it must be asked, why is the Bible being right more important than taking seriously what the Bible actually says?

How do I know Obama isn’t the antichrist? The Bible tells me so. It is time to turn the nonsensical challenge of the fundamentalists back on them. “Don’t interpret the Bible: JUST READ IT!” While that challenge makes no sense, it is clear that the fundamentalist doesn’t do what they say ought to be done. Having the Bible be “right” is more important than paying attention to what the Bible actually says. And a Bible that inerrantly confirms what you already think or are told to think by a pastor, irrespective of what the Bible actually says, is a dangerous belief system.

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  • You, sir, are a hero. I am going to link this in places.

  • How dare you, sir?!?! Using logic and common sense in reading the scriptures. The Bible is a dangerous place to bring a brain!Great post, thanks. 🙂

  • Agnosis00

    I wonder how people can so easily fly by the very first verse of the first chapter–the prologue, where it says “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must SOON take place.” Also, why is it that ‘literalists’ don’t see it as too much of a mental stretch that (for their interpretation) most of the completion of these prophecies are off by one figure or one kingdom/ empire separated by thousands of years?

  • Thanks for making me aware of the Obama/Anti-Christ link. Totally unaware. I thought that the anti-Christ was Scott Baio. Any apologetic for that? Keep on keeping us honest, brother. C

  • this is the dumbest blog I’ve evern seen! If Nero was the Beast of Revelation Christians would have already raptured. By no means are you a Bible scholar at all. You are obviously a misled christian that is in support for Obama.Please except Jesus and he will show you the truth!

  • You are obviously biased and have ignored what the Bible is teachingSHAME ON YOU!

  • Interesting, John, that the only reason you seem to have for questioning my scholarship and my knowledge of the Bible is that what I’m saying disagrees with what you assume to be true.If you wish to discuss the meaning of a specific passage, that would be most welcome. In the mean time, perhaps you should ask yourself how, with this prideful assurance you have that everything you currently think is right and Biblical, could even God get through to you to change your mind about something and teach you something new?

  • But John does raise a valid question: If Nero was the beast, then why isn’t Christ literally here right now? Was his second coming in the past? I mean, scholars who don’t approach the Scriptures from a faith perspective can just say, “Who cares? This was what it meant in its context, and if it turned out to be wrong on Jesus’ second coming, that’s not our problem.” But how can people of faith approach such a problem?

  • I don’t think Christians can avoid Jesus and his first followers having been wrong about the end of the world. If the words attributed to Jesus in the Gospels were in fact spoken by him, then he predicted that his own generation would not pass away before seeing the fulfilment of the eschatological things he predicted.Conservative Christians who continue to view the second coming as a still-to-happen future event choose to focus on texts like 2 Peter, which themselves deal with the problem of the “delay of the Parousia” in this way. But they ignore other approaches to dealing with the problem, as well as the plain sense of the things Jesus said and Paul wrote on the subject.If one is unwilling to take seriously what the Bible says at this point, however difficult and problematic for one’s assumptions, then surely one cannot claim to be “Biblical Christian”, right?

  • I wrote a few posts on this subject. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to post links on replies, but, if you’re interested, the titles are as follows, in case you want to search for them on my blog: One is “Different Views on Matthew 24:34.” The other is “A False Hope?”I’m not sure if I really solve anything, but I point out my problems with various approaches (including Tillings’, though I don’t interact with him specifically, but rather with C.S. Lewis). Also, I refer to good points that Michael Brown makes about New Testament scholarship and the diviersity of the New Testament on this issue.

  • J R Lucas

    James, here are a few alternate views of that most enigmatic of books in the NT.1. The redress by Alpha-Omega to the Churches of Asia is a description of the soul ascension after death i.e. as it passes through the seven spheres to reach the Cross of Light. 2. The description of the dragon eating lady ,etc looks like Galaxy M51 (Nostradamus by Ramotti)3. The latter part of this text could have been written by a visionary or someone on mescaline, then again it could describe a portal opening up between dimensions as the starfleets of both sides descend to play out Armageddon. (There is an amazing similiarity between the description of the “Lords Throne” and Ezekiels Chariot).3. The date 21.12.2012 as gleaned from the Mayan Long Count Calendar is the day the earth will stand still in a literal sense with the collapse of the magnetic field for three and a half days until it re-establishes itself in the reverse polarity of North/South poles as happens in regular cycles. The last major pole shift was the end of the Atlantis civilisation. (Sound familiar Bible readers: Destruction of major cities, Two Witnesses lying ‘dead’ for 3.5 days then resurrected?) The earth is also preparing for an ascension shift into the fifth dimension. (Some of your readers might call this rapture)within a decade, perhaps if the Mayans are wrong, but who really knows the end-date.We are being prepared by DNA changes from our local star groups. Geneticist Conference in Mexico discussed a third strand mutating in humans. (Who has headaches, tiredness, sleep but not rest, constant strange dreams more than usual??) We are going up to join the rest of the vast array of galactic and cosmic planetary civilizations! Prepare the Way! Christ Jesus is not coming back here. Save yourself now by direct connection to the Holy Father of the Living. Prepare yourselves by balancing mentally, emotionally and spiritually in prayer and meditation.As a matter of fact:Yahshevah (the Christian Jesus) was not the Son of Yahveh, the Hebrews God. His title Christ (Christos – the anointed one) tells us he is the Son of the One True GOD. The God of Israel uses the title YHWH (Lord) but the essence of Yahshevah is ‘Sheen’ meaning the cosmic fire from the Christ Spirit. YHShWH was the deliverer from YHWH, i.e. sent to awaken the Jewish people first from their false God, then to save the gentiles from their “pagan” or lesser gods when the Jews did not respond. The proper title and name of ‘Jesus’ spoken in english should only ever be “Christ Jesus” (Christ – Son of GOD, Jesus – Son of Man) The Greeks named YHShWH “IESOUS” the name that translates to the numerical value 888. This is the name that reflects the highest gematria value known to the Greeks from their 24 letter alphabet (So it is said to be the name above all other names) The English name ‘Joshua’ is a mistransliteration of the greek ‘IESOUS’ designed to reflect a connection to the Old Testament god (Joshua means ‘Jehovah is salvation’) Edgar Cayce claimed a Christ incarnate has always been present in every generation. Some of them are well known (Lord Krishna) and Mother Teresa, while others may be called Ascended Masters of the New Age.My comment is this: While it is a fact that Spiritual Warfare exists between two opposing groups and humans are the ‘finger puppets’:Who keeps The One True GOD’S Holy Law of Love and Commandments? Unfortunately too few people in this world. I don’t recall the Cosmic Law of Divine Love and Peace involving killing, torturing and maiming innocent people because they will not subscribe to a particular view of minority fundamentalists of any religion.Where is your Compassion and Mercy for all people? Divine Love is not predisposed to eliminating someone who does not understand the God concept as laid out by a small group to control the masses through fear and intimidation. Where is Tolerance and Understanding for all people? Do you see the world through the eyes of the One True God?There is no AntiChrist but many antichrists, no False Prophet, but many false prophets. The question you need to ask yourself is not who is the President of the United States or Pope of the Vatican, but what force is controlling them? What is the real power behind the masks of men?There is only one group of Celestial Beings that promotes disharmony and discord among the humans. Don’t subscribe !!Play the Game Of Life, Love and Peace towards ALL your sisters and brothers on this Planet of Last Choice.

  • Attracting your own special brand of crazy with this post I see.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve done exactly what you accuse others of doing: Interpreting Scripture as you see fit.”The” Antichrist is to seduce the nations. Nero and others did not seduce all the nations. Nearly all commentators find the Antichrist mentioned in the Apocalypse, but they do not agree as to the particular chapter of the Book in which the mention occurs. Some point to the “beast” of 11:7, others to the “red dragon” of Chapter 12, others again to the beast “having seven heads and ten horns” of 13, while many scholars identify Antichrist with the beast which had “two horns, like a lamb” and spoke “as a dragon”, or with the scarlet-coloured beast “having seven heads and ten horns” , or, finally, with Satan “loosed out of his prison,” and seducing the nations. The big impediment of the main event is “the man of sin”; the main event is the second coming of the Jesus Christ. The “day of the Lord” will be preceded by the “man of sin” known in John’s Epistles as Antichrist. The “man of sin” is preceded by “a revolt,” or a great apostasy; this apostasy is the outcome of the “mystery of iniquity” which already “worketh”, and which, according to St. John, shows itself here and there by faint types of Antichrist.

  • Anonymous, you clearly have an advantage over me – you seem to “know” what the Antichrist will be like without even needing passages from the Bible to lead you to and enable you to draw those conclusions.For those of us who are concerned with what the Bible actually says, your revelations (which I can only assume you received independently of it) don’t help us solve such issues related to the meaning of the text.

  • Rick

    James- Anon clearly left his bible at home and picked up the “Left Behind” series instead.

  • CAS

    Sir, you are quite obviously not a believer in Jesus and therefore not a believer in the Bible.One of the prerequisites for getting the correct interpretation of God's Word is that you must have Faith in Jesus Christ andalso be led of the Spirit of God.Many of those commentaries and socalled authorities that you have alluded to were clearly written by infidels and heretics who did not have any intention of understanding God's Word.They were attempting to prove that the Bible is not the Word of God but instead merely the words of very ignorant and presumptuous men.The Bible is God's Word and cannot be understood by those who are determined to disobey it according to the Apostle Peter (I Pet.2:8 II Pet.3:18)As for the antiChrist (also referred to by many other names in Scripture such as the beast found in the Rev.13:1-8 with seven heads and ten horns and ten crowns and the king of the north in Dan.11:21-45 and continuing through to Dan.12:13 and the little horns of Dan.7:8 and Dan.7:11 and Dan.7:20-22 and Dan.8:9-14 also called a king in those same two chapters 7 & 8 and the prince that shall come in Dan.9:27 and the man of sin and son of perdition in II Thess.2:3 and the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit in Rev.11:7 and the seventh and eighth heads of the beast of Rev.17:7-14 and the beast of Rev.19:19-20 and the beast of Rev.20:10 as well as Asshur of Num.24:24 and the king of Babylon in Isa.14:4-21 and Tyre in Ezek.28:1-10), as I said, as for the antiChrist, we know that Daniel was not writing about Antiochus Epiphanes who lived and died long before Jesus was born, because Jesus Christ our Lord made reference to Daniel's Prophecies about the abomination of desolation in Matt.24:15-21 where He tells us that this abomination of desolation is one of the future coming signs of the endtime. Thus the Bible clearly tells us that this abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet could not have been anything that happened before Jesus was even born.And as for your socalled authorities and commentaries telling you that some beast of Revelation had to have been someone back in the times of the Bible writers like Nero or Caligula, please allow me to point out that the Book of Revelation is a Book of Prophecy and speaks of the Second Coming of Christ which is clearly yet in the future. You attempted to explain away the interpretation that the antiChrist is mentioned in Rev.17:8-14. John wrote that the beast was carrying a whore. (Rev.17:1-5) This same whore is seen in Rev.18:24 and it says that everyone who was ever killed was killed in that whore and Rev.17:18 tells us that the whore is a great city that reigns over the kings of the earth. This whore has to be worldwide if everyone who was ever killed was killed in her, and she has to have started at least as far back as Cain and Abel, because Abel was killed in her. If the whore has been around for that long and reaches that far around the globe, then the beast that has been carrying her cannot be merely the Roman Empire.We see in Scripture that God has His Holy City in Heaven called New Jerusalem, and we see that the devil is an imitator who has a city system of his own that attempts to fill the face of the world with his wicked cities. I submit to you the distinct possibility that this whore of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 is none other than the world system that the devil was offering to Jesus after He had fasted for 40 days in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-8) and that the beast that carries the whore represents the people, the water on whom the woman sitteth (Rev.17:15) as they are formed into kingdoms and nations and empires. I further submit the very real possibility that the seven heads represent seven of satan's principle men throughout earth's history and reaching into the future who have headed up satan's worldwide system. The Bible does not tell us who these individuals are, but the could very well have been leaders of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and the coming kingdom of the anti-Christ which will morph into an eighth kingdom. Five of those world empires had fallen by the time of John's writing of the Book of Revelation and one was in power (the Roman Empire) and the anti-Christ's kingdom was not yet come.You further mentioned your opinion that there is no precedence in Scripture for making any great leap through time from the time of John into the endtime. I am eager to point out that this is precisely what Daniel did repeatedly and that it is blatantly obvious that he did so.In Daniel chapter 8 we see a Prophecy during the time of the Babylonian Empire that Babylon would be overthrown by Medo-Persia (which Gabriels foretells by name! "Media and Persia" – Dan.8:20-23), then Gabriel told Daniel that Medo-Persia would be overthrown by Greece and that Greece would be divided into four parts. Then we see Gabriel making this big jump into the endtime, leaving Daniel's own time vicinity and leaping to the end of the story near the Conquering Coming of the Messiah Prince of Princes. That is just one of the big jumps into the future in Bible Prophecy, while you claim that there are none.Another big jump is seen in Daniel 7 where we see these four beasts which apparently represent the four successive Empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome (Dan.7:17). Then we see a big leap into the future where it says a little horn will make war against the Saints until the Lord comes and overthrows that little horn and judges the world. We are told, furthermore, that the little horn will only be allowed to continue in power slaughtering the Saints for a time, times, and half a time (Dan.7:25) which turns out to be equal to 1,260 days according to Rev.12:14 compared with Rev.12:6. This length of time matches exactly with the 42 months of Rev.13:5 which tells us how long the beast will be in power and will make war against the Saints and "overcome" them.Jesus called this time of war against the Saints "great tribulation" in Matt.24:15-21 and warned His Disciples to flee when they see that abomination of desolation. Jesus told them that immediately after the tribulation of those days He would return to gather together His Own from all over the world with the great sound of a Trumpet. The last Trump would not have sounded before this Trump or it would not have been last, and we cannot be gathered together in any "Rapture" until the last Trump has raised the dead in Christ at the first Resurrection in which some of the dead that are raised will have been beheaded by the forces of the anti-Christ during the 42 months of great tribulation. (I Cor.15:51-53 Rev.20:4-6 I Thess.4:15-18 Rev.10:5-7 Dan.12:5-7 Rev.11:15-18 Rev.15:1-2)The Bible tells us that the beast (anti-Christ) will have power over all nations and that he will be around in the endtime making war against the Saints until the Second Coming of Christ and that he will be destroyed at the brightness of Jesus' Coming. (Rev.13:7-8 Dan.7:21-22 II Thess.2:3-12Dan.8:15-17 Dan.10:14 Dan.12:4)By the way, for your information, those Prophecies about Babylon being overthrown by Medo-Persia and Medo-Persia being overthrown by Greeceand Greece being divided into four parts have all come true to the letter. The Prophecies of Scripture have never failed and never will, but men like Thomas Paine have twisted and misinterpreted the Bible and deliberately omitted portions in their witchy attempts to crush Jesus and God as Voltaire commanded all his followers and witchcraft brethren to do.He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

  • You, sir, may or may not be a believer in Jesus. Unlike you, I do not claim to be able to know what is in the hearts of other human beings. Your claim of divine prerogatives to yourself, however, and your assumption that anyone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t agree with God or the Bible, makes me think that your level of haughtiness is most likely incompatible with you having a genuine Christian faith. But I will try to keep an open mind.Your dismissal of all scholarship is a crime against the Body of Christ. You have spoken against many godly individuals who have produced excellent commentaries and other helps. To accuse scholars like F. F. Bruce, Gordon Fee, and other men of God of what you do simply shows that you’ve never bothered to read serious books even by Evangelicals. You fit well the description in the Bible of those who seek teachers who will tickle their ears, who will say what they want to hear.Your statement about Daniel and Jesus makes no sense. Jesus’ use of an image from Daniel in reference to his near future no more changes the original meaning of Daniel, than his comparison of that generation with “as in the days of Noah” changes the original meaning of the story in Genesis. As for the “big jumps”, they are simply examples of how you twist Scripture to be what you demand it must, rather than what it is. You cannot accept its face value meaning, because you demand that it must be right about everything, and so you insist it must mean something other than what it seems to. I, on the other hand, respect the text, and am willing to admit that it means what it says, even though doing so has often shattered my assumptions (e.g. about its inerrancy).

  • Anonymous

    I found your post after reading some comments posted on the blog I was intrigued by your post until I got to the part where you stated that Obama claims, and appears to be, a Christian. I’m assuming you saw the video on the blog I just mentioned in which he denounces the Bible and many of its teachings. I’m curious as to how you view this as something a Christian would do? I know that there are plenty of Christians, including myself at times, that question the Bible and its literalism. However, I also know that as a Christian, I want to bring people to Christ, not deter them. For any non-Christians that watched the video of Obama denounce the Bible, I’m sure they were definitely turned away. I don’t think this, as well as many other things Obama has done and/or said, show that he is a Christian. I guess there is only One who can judge that.

  • I didn’t understand him to be denouncing the Bible. What I understood him to be pointing out is something I’ve also emphasized here more than once: that those who say “We need to believe the whole Bible and take it all literally and apply it all” show through their words and actions that that is just a PR move to try to claim to be “the true, Biblical Christians”. If someone talks about turning the other cheek, giving to whoever asks of you, or selling all you have to give to the poor, suddenly context is important, and you hear “Jesus obviously didn’t mean…”

  • James: Your commentary and scholarship are, as the first respoident said, heroic. My only complaint is that you’ve given this Revelation lunacy WAAAY more attention than it deserves. I’ve been hearing this talk of the Antichrist and the End Times ever since the 70s, when Hal Lindsey was asssuring us all, in EXACTLY the same tone as today’s fruit-bats use, that the Antichrist would unify Europe, promise peace, and start the Battle of Armaggeddon with the help of…the USSR. Remember the USSR? Today, however, Hal Lindsey will go down in history as the only HUMAN ever found to be “non-Y2K-compatible.”This isn’t really about Biblical interpretation. It’s about a bunch of pathological escapists wishing and fantasizing about the end of a world they can’t comprehend, and the gory fiery destruction of the people they hate, so they won’t have to feel responsible toward the next generation, or even this one. Doing God’s work is hard — but if you believe the world is gonna end soon, that makes being a Christian a lot easier, eh?You’ll never convince these sad fools using Biblical reasoning. Your best bet would have been to look at human history and give us a count of all the people who have ever been labelled the Antichrist; and reminding us that predictions of the end of the world have a failure rate of 100%.Whatever the Book of Revelation was “really” about, it’s nothing but a loony-magnet, totally useless to any sincere Christian looking for communion with God. Of all the most respectable Christians I’ve known, NONE of them seemed to have any use for the End Times stuff.

  • Well, the looniness (e.g. David Koresh saying “Don’t siege the compound, just let me finish my commentary on Revelation!”) is so out of hand, but I feel that the only effective thing to do is to point out to those who claim that the Book of Revelation is important to them that all they need to do is read a serious academic commentary – they can pick one written by someone from their denomination – and they’ll inevitably understand just how little the end times mania of the present has to do with that book.And so that’s my challenge to anyone who got here believing that Barack Obama is going to change his name to Nicolae Carpathia, ger Romanian citizenship, a face lift and work on his accent, and lead Soviet troops into the battle of Armageddon: READ A SERIOUS SCHOLARLY COMMENTARY ON REVELATION! You might actually learn something about what the book says, since given its symbolism, it is a particularly easy book for people today to read all sorts of meanings into.

  • Anonymous

    ERRORMaccabees does not compute!I’m neutral on the subject at hand here, but a reference to Maccabees is just silly nonsense. If you know history Maccabees was tossed out due to lack of being prophetic. There were many different sects of Jews at the time that book was written. We could have a long overplayed debate here on the history of the Catholic church, but I’ll stop here. Anyway, my thoughts on the anti-christ are as follows:at some point in time the events in Revelation will be completed. Events in the book may have happened already. What is the time span of Revelations?Does it matter who the anti-christ is? If we are prepared Christians we have nothing to fear. These are preplanned events that will happen. We are only tiny humans, a small spec… can we defy God and stop the end!? Nope. So what does it matter. Only time will tell. You can point fingers all you want, but you will not change what is set forth by God and his plans.Revelations is a guide for us… the book scares me a little; That is some crazy stuff. The best thing to do is prepare yourself and focus on what we should be focused on… faith and love and the lord.

  • anonymous: Our obligations are set forth in the teachings of Jesus — we’re supposed to follow them regardless of when the world is supposed to end. The End Times drivel adds absolutely nothing to the wisdom and spiritual truth to be found in the Bible. All it really does is give some losers an excuse NOT to do what they know is right.

  • I think the point was about the book of Daniel being written in the time of, and referring initially to, the time of Antiochus Epiphanes and the Maccabean revolt, rather than any claim about whether the books of Maccabees should or shouldn’t be in the canon.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not debating and going on ranting about the end of the world… motherwell. I’m simply saying That we need to focus on faith and not worry. New Testament has no law because of Christ… so through following Christ we obtain that love and in following him we hold to his teachings. I wasn’t saying lets freak out about this as I’m not concerned. “Our obligations are set forth in the teachings of Jesus — we’re supposed to follow them regardless of when the world is supposed to end.” my point exactly… that is why i said we need to be ready… and if we were ready then we wouldn’t be thinking about the world ending and all that… we would be following christ. no argument.

  • Mr. McGrath I would love to have a discourse on you about the identity of the Antichrist. I am of course open to being corrected. If you’re interested please respond.

  • I’m willing to have a conversation – otherwise I wouldn’t have posted this – although I won’t have time to write a book’s worth of blog entries! You’ve begun, so please continue!

  • Anonymous

    James, no disrespect to you, but you need to get off your high horse. It seems that you feel that your opinion on this topic is the only correct one. You are a right fighter. You just argue your point without listening to what anyone else has to say.I think people like you need to be a little bit more humble, and stop pretending to know everything. It is those who pretend to know the most that in reality end up being the ones who know the least.All I am asking is that you realize that you are not right all the time, and therefore do not have all the answers.You raise some valuable points, however, so do many of the individuals who commented on your opinion. People like you make others scared to voice opinions. This should never be the case when we live in a world where all of our opinions should be valid, not just your own!

  • I don’t think I’m on a high horse when, as a Biblical scholar, I lament the fact that most of the people who claim that the Bible is important to them, and proclaim confidently their understanding of it, do so based on a combination of reading the text in English and wild speculation. There definitely is room for differences of opinion on many matters that are less than clear. But that isn’t the same thing as saying that all viewpoints are equally valid. Some claims about the End Times allege that they are based in the Book of Revelation and yet ignore, twist, and selectively quote various parts of it. I refuse to accept that such nonsense is of equal value to the work of scholars who study the book in its original language, painstakingly study relevant works of background, and publish the results in commentaries and monographs to aid others in their quest to understand – only to have their work ignored by an industry that is making fortunes off of the fact that people are ignorant of biblical scholarship.I have spent many years thinking about these subjects, and have changed my mind about them. I speak out of such experience and study. I am happy to discuss with those who view things differently, as I think I’ve made clear on numerous occasions.Why not point out something you think I’m wrong about, rather than claiming that I’m wrong because I think others are wrong to think everyone else is wrong? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Even if by some slim chance Obama was the antiChrist, what does it matter. Neo-con propaganda might swing the vote away from the fearful public enough to stop Obama from becoming President, it wouldn’t be enough to stop the antiChrist. God has a plan, so it looks to me that not only where the extreme right using God to get votes, now they think that they’re above God’s ultimate plan.

  • Barack Hussein Obama is The Antichrist who will bring The Great Tribulation and Armageddon. The number of his name is 666, and his introduction unto the world stage was accompanied by a fitting Omen: The Great Comet of 2007. He will be President of The United States and he will soon thereafter force Israel to enter into a spurious “Peace Treaty” with the Palestinian Authority. That Treaty will create the State of Palestine, settle the status of Jerusalem, and determine the so called “right of return” issue for exiled Palestinian Arabs. (see Obama’s AIPAC Speech, 6-04-08)That Treaty will violate God’s Commandments to Israel (Book of Exodus 23:31-33) which among other things forbids them to enter into such a treaty and in effect–give away a portion of the promised land. This Treaty will trigger a chained sequence of cause and effect events that will lead swiftly to World War III.(see for further information from me, including the method I use to calculate the number 666 out of Obama’s name)Kenneth Alex Randolf, Seattle, Washington

  • Wow. It would make my life so much easier if I could have such a simplistic worldview, and ignore all the places in the Bible where it is not merely stated that Israel’s possession of the land is not unconditional, but in fact threatens expulsion as the consequence of disobedience.But I thank God for showing me a much more complex world, one in which I hope I can manage to avoid the pitfall into which you’ve fallen, of believing not merely that the Bible is infallible, but that I as its interpreter am infallible as well.You may or may not be successful in gathering a community of mutual support with those who are convinced Scriptural prophecies are unfolding in the present. Here, I will continue to seek to build a community of people who actually read and seek to understand the Biblical texts, instead of arrogantly hijacking them in the service of various national, political and religious ends.

  • phi

    I’ve just read through all the comments and it’s obvious that the blogger has blatantly refused to condone any other views apart from his! -the same thing he’s accused others of doing.I’m by no means a Bible scholar, nor do I claim to be as experienced [in these matters] as the blogger but I couldn’t help noticing that the Christians are still here! Isn’t it unanimously accepted that the beast [or Antichrist] is a sign of the end, and that the events leading to his ascension IMMEDIATELY precede/succeed the rapture? If Nero’s being the Antichrist is a foregone conclusion, what happens with the rapture? I’d be grateful if you threw more light on that.And, your answer to Cas’ comment is nothing if not elusive! You failed to address the jumps in Bible prophesy he noted.Furthermore, you mention Rome as the origin of the Antichrist like that is another foregone conclusion… I’m not YET as “deluded”[for lack of a better term] as some who believe that Obama is the Antichrist, but I’ve known for a while now that the geography of Honolulu is made up of “SEVEN HILLS” laced with seven rivers.So, the term “Seven Hills” could refer to any one of many places.I also believe that it’s outrageous for a Christian to question if Jesus was right or wrong -as you have done in another post! Doesn’t that contradict the image Christians give Him as the perfect Man?? … as that implies He might have “made-up” the comments in question without divine intervention [aka. lying].

  • Jumps are inserted in order to have the Bible be right by claiming it says something it doesn’t appear to, and by claiming that “at that time” means “at another time in the distant future”.I do acknowledge there are many places where a diversity of legitimate views may be possible based on the evidence. Fundamentalist misconstruals of what Revelation says are not within that legitimate diversity, because they ignore and twist what the text says and ignore other relevant factors. I am under no obligation to accept shoddy thinking as equal to serious Biblical scholarship.I’ve replied in more detail in another recent post.

  • James you are either very naive about scripture or have not been born again yourselfYou state, ‘ one who denies that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. Since Obama does not deny this, and indeed is a Christian, Obama cannot be an antichrist.Dont you realize there is a false gospel going around?Galatians 16I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.Obama clearly believes in a non- literal Jesus (as most liberal theologians a you James the writer of this article) which stems from Obama’s believes in New Age Theology (and a new age interpretation of christianity=a false perverted gospel). Which clearly quaLifies as a candidate for 1 John Ch4But could Obama qualify as the beast of Daniel?…or the man of lawlessness spoken of by Paul.. no Obama doesnt fit that as of yet, and you, I admit are correct to point that out.

  • Thanks for your comment, tanktop. I found it highly amusing that you began by denouncing me as naive and then in the end said I was right. I never addressed the issue of whether Obama’s views on any subject match those of fundamentalism’s orthodoxy. But it is ironic to quote Paul’s letter to the Galatians in relation to “New Age” departures from the historic Gospel, as it were, since in that letter Paul was clearly arguing against conservatives who objected to his view that one could set aside Scripture’s demands for circumcision, food laws, and other requirements as far as Gentile Christians are concerned.And since fundamentalism always claims that its viewpoint is that of the Bible, even when it is not, Christian fundamentalists almost never realize when their own viewpoint resembles more closely that denounced in Scripture than that advocated.

  • I think you are right about my site traffic rising with that post. But, I guess since mine doesn’t include Barack’s name in the title, I might not pick up as much as you did.Although sadly, I actually had to have a talk with people at my last church about how Bono wasn’t the antichrist either. Even more comical is the proposed reasoning- “he’s always trying to change the world”. Yep, that’s the reason, that’s what makes you anti-Christ. 🙂

  • Go to and cast your vote on the question: Do you believe Barack Obama is The Antichrist?Kenneth Alex Randolf

  • Anonymous

    Using the Kissenger model, Sarah L. Palin = 666.

  • Anonymous

    Same old crap from the same old sky fairy nut jobs.

  • Same old derisive and personal attack commentary by the same old self-rightous, “I’m the only one sane, rational and intelligent-enough to know The Truth”crowd.Kenneth Alex Randolf

  • Anonymous

    Hello friends,I can’t express how proud we are of our sister in Christ and favorite Mayor of Wassila, now only one small step away from the Vice Presidency of the United States of America, Sara Palin. In order to experience and enjoy the centrality of Christ in our congregational life, we have had many conversations here among the true believers about the meaning of the Book of Revelation and what the Bible, as the only inspired inerrant Word of God, authoritative for faith and practice, tells us about Barak Obama.Is Obama the true Anti-Christ or is he just involved with the Anti-Christ? My question is very easy to answer. Does Obama not pull at the thousands? Does he not appeal to thousands? He has risen from seemingly no where, and yet many look up to him for all the answers because he speaks of world peace and prosperity. Is it possible he could stop the wars in the Middle East when they have been at war since the biblical period? Only the Anti-Christ could pull off something so miraculous. This is what he would have you believe anyway: his miracles. He will not call them that today though, it is too early. He will not claim to be God until the end; he will not claim to do miracles until his followers are completely lost. By then, all but God’s children will have forgotten that he says he is no God and he does not perform miracles. He will create world peace until he believes he has conquered.I am not surprised so many are desperate to protect Obama, for he will have many followers. He will re-unite all countries, which will be divided into ten parts, thus explaining the ten horns on the beast’s head, as proscribed in Revelation. The second beast will be his disciple, convincing many of His “Miracles”. Satan will not be in the Anti-Christ until the end but he will talk with him, saying to the man, that he alone is the true God. The Anti-Christ will speak in such a way that he will charm you, but all are lies which will not remain unseen. Revelation speaks about His coming, but in such a way you can not take at face value. You must look beyond the words into their meanings, and you will not see if you do not believe.All believers know Revelation is some what a riddle and that deciphering is key. You can not go by the words alone. Intellect and rational thought will lead you to the devil! Follow the words of John the Baptist and recognize the truth revealed in Revelation 13:5 that the Anti-Christ will be given a “mouth speaking great things; a charismatic figure and moving speaker.” He is initially seen as a blessing to the world that unites it and brings it out of a period of great economic hardship and war. He will unite the country in a sustained effort to rally industry to embark on new technologies and brave new energy plans. Prosperity will again come to our land; the economy will support rich and poor. All Americans will have a taste of the fruit of the tree of prosperity and it will be sweet and filling and bring us great joy.He will speak of world peace. A world wide event will bring the nations down (a bigger and more terrible stock market crash will affect the world because so many sinners have their hands in the pot of gold) and He will rise up and create peace between all for three years, more or less. Let it be known that it will end and the Anti-Christ’s true nature will appear. Many will not notice because they will already be lost in their own selfish hearts, counting their gold. They will curse the lord for their wealth and good fortune and turn to the Anti-Christ for guidance because they are blinded by him and unwilling to see the truth.Many of you who are reading this will laugh at me and call me a fool. You will see these things come to pass and you will know the truth but you will still be lost because you are selfish, unwilling to believe what you cannot see. Many of you laugh now but will begin to believe when it is not too late. I will not try to convince anyone right now to believe because the Lord has a time and place for every one, He will let me know in my heart when it is time to recruit believers. He is in me now, speaking through me, to you, so that you will know what is to come, what you must do, how you must vote, and to tell you not all of you will join Him.It is only up to you what you believe, but be watchful and remember this warning, and pass it around to your friends and family.Extending God’s grace to the farthest reaches,Pastor Larry Kroon

  • Anonymous

    do you think that Antichrist would be that stupid to come down as a black man(even handsome and smart one)in raceist country!?I think he would rather show-up as beautiful women like Sarah Palin,so apiling to everybody or like someone with whom you would like to drink beer.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks be to God who gives us the victory. I always rejoice when I see one take the time to read the scriptures in context. Brother James keep up the good work and may the Lord of Host be with you. Continue to pray for those who talk evil against you, and remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you in judgement you will condemm. Stay encouraged and victorious!

  • Anonymous

    You are full of your self and are a false prophet !!!!! Obama does carry many of the attributes of the Anti-Christ. He will bring destruction to this Earth by 2012. The Mayan Calander ends then, and so does Obama’s first run in office.

  • Someone accusing me of being a false prophet and then citing the Mayan calendar. Parody at its best!

  • beka

    I’m more concerned with being told that “rational thought will lead you to the devil!” Oh my, Mr McGrath, what possessed you to risk hell by even writing this very sane blogpost?!!/sarcasm

  • BM

    Obama is not the anti-Christ.Consider this though (and I’m talking out of my arse at this point):7 = 7 Potential/Has been Superpowers- United States, Russia (USSR), China, India, Britian, Germany, Japan. Currently US is the only one left standing (for now).2012 will be the next election for POTUS (end of Obama’s first term). Mayans and several others say the world ends December 21, 2012 (queue creepy music).Like I said, he’s not, but it’s more fun to discuss this than his actual policies. I feel queezy discussing his policies.

  • Anonymous

    just because I’m dumb, and thought it was funny how ppl can come up with a time and date when it was said that no one would know when he comes.12-21-2012 = 1+2/ 2+1 / 1+2 * 2000I can make a dooms day prophecy that comes from two prophecies.I’m sorry, but prophecy does not mean what the media would have you believe, “that you can change what is to come”, only to prepare you for what has to happen for what is to happen be done.

  • Barack Obama is The Antichrist, the Tribulation has begun, and Armageddon will be unleashed by him because he will compel Israel and Arab states to accept the bulk of the so-called “Saudi Peace Plan” (of 2002). That plan calls for a Palestinian state carved out of the West Bank and Gaza; East Jerusalem as the capital of the new state of Palestine; monetary reparations and the right to full repatriation to Israel of Palestenians made refugees by 4 wars since 1948; and the withdrawel of Israel from the Golan Heights–all in return for “normalized relationships” with all Arab states ( the 22 that belong to the Arab League–Non-Arab Iran not included );the recognition of Israels’ right to exist by those Arab states; and the official termination of the Arab-Israeli conflict.All of that sounds great– Sounds like “peace in our time” but it will bring World War III instead. (Israeli leaders Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres and Prime Minister designate Tzipi Livni are all seriously considering the Saudi Plan). If implemented, the Saudi Plan shall violate God’s Commandemnts to Israel: It divides God’s promised Holy Land and gives portions to those it was not promised to.The implementation of this plan will be the spark that ignites Aramageddon. All it awaits is a US President, swept into great power by a political landslide, accompanied by decisive majorities in the House and Senate, and who has commited to resolving the Arab-Isaeli conflict at the beginning of his administration rather than the end. Kenneth Alex Randolf, Seattle, WashingtonP.S. Prepare Yourself.

  • Wow, you seem to know even more than the author of Revelation. Should we append your comment on this blog to the end of the Bible?

  • Nicole

    Insane Obama Myth 1 Obama the AntichristI have been forwarded emails “quoting” the book of Revelation saying the antichrist will be a man in his mid forties of a Muslim decent who will rule the free world for 42 months. The man will call himself a Christian but he will be evil. Christians will follow him into the war of Armageddon. He will speak with eloquence and charisma. He will promise world peace and deliver destruction.Here is some truth in what lies in the pages of the King James Version:1 John 2:22 The antichrist will deny Jesus as the flesh son of God. Obama has proclaimed that he is a Christian. But the 1 John 2:22 says that the antichrist will deny Jesus. Obama has openly and publicly announced that he is a Christian and has worshipped in a Christian church his entire adult life.Revelation 13:5 Power will be given to the beast for forty and two months. Ok, Revalation does have a reference to 42 months…but what does this mean? A presidential term is 48 months. If you add in the 2 months between the time that the president is elected and the time that he is actually sworn into office then you have 50 months. Why then is the “42 months” reference relevant? This is it. I can’t find anything in Revelation that even mentions the antichrist. Yes there is reference to the seven headed beast. But this beast is not referred to as a forty year old man. As far as a biblical reference to the antichrist being Muslim? Well, the book of Revelation was completed by the end of the 2nd century, but the religion of Islam wasn’t founded until about 400 years later. The notion that revelation would mention a Muslim at all is rather far-fetched (I snitched this line from nominees for the position of antichrist in the past (just to name a few):1. Nero 6. George W Bush 11. Martin Luther King 16. A Super computer in Brussells2. Hitler 7. Bill Clinton 12. Friedrich Nietzsche 17. Prince William3. Napolean 8.Osama Bin Laden 13. Pope John Paul II 18. Caligula4. Putin 9. Saddam Hussein 14. Peter the Great 19. Muhammad,5. JF Kennedy 10. Pope Benedict 15. Barney the Dinosaur 20. Bill Gates

  • I sincerely hope that if and when Obama is a happily retired former President and Armageddon has mysteriously failed to materialise, that all the people who are predicting future events involving the Anti-Christ with such staggering assurance will spend an equal amount of their time admitting how wrong they were. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen, for where are the failed soothsayers, those whose prophecies have not come to pass? When their premonitions do not come into fruition are they doing the decent thing and broadcasting their ineptitude and failure to the people they once harrased? No, they simply brush off their failure and adapt a new ‘interpretation’ that is sure to happen.Luckily for me, I stand to win whoever wins the US election. If it is Obama I have the satisfaction of my preferred candidate winning the election. If it is Mc Cain, I have the satisfaction of asking all the ‘Obama is the Antichrist’ conspirators just how their ‘revelation’ will now pan out.

  • Thomas

    Everyone needs to stop saying this man isn’t a believer in Christ. Just because you believe a different way than he does does not make him a bad person or a “Satan-worshiper”. There are many views when it comes to the topic of the end of the world. He has a different view than I have ( I have Pre-Tribulation beliefs.) The truth is, no one can honestly, without a shade of a doubt, know what God has in store for us. All we can do is read the Bible and go by what it says. God has told us that some things will not be revealed until He is ready to reveal them to us. The bottom line is, we can all make the claim that we know what is going to happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen that way. God is going to do exactly what HE plans on doing and exactly when HE wants to. I dont remember who wrote this blog, but please write me back so we can excange e-mails. I went to a christian school my entire life and am minoring in Ancient History at Vanderbilt University. I would like to talk to you about some of our opposing beliefs. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that you’re going to hell for thinking some other way than me.

  • dear thomas,read try reading John 14:6

  • Thomas

    Amy,I am confused as to the point of the verse you told me to read. I don’t remember writing anything in opposition to it. I believe without a doubt that Christ is the ONLY way.

  • Anyone who believes that the New Testament is the literal truth has believe that Judas fell over a rock in a field and died, but also went and hanged himself. They also have to grapple with the hundreds of versions and the fact that some important passages, such as the appearance of Christ and his ascending into Heaven, were tacked on to the later version and did not appear in our oldest manuscripts. I also find it very significant that the oldest genuine books are those that describe the acts of the apostles, which speak of Jesus as a spiritual voice. Those speaking of Jesus as a real person with parents and biographical details, were written much later after anyone who might have known him would be dead. But go ahead and believe! The early Christian bishops who wrote his story might be just as inspired as Mohmmad, Joseph Smith Jr., or Mary Baker Eddy.

  • Cain

    If you think Obama is a Christian, then you sir have no idea waht a Christian is.

  • If you sir are certain Obama can’t possibly be a Christian, then you’ve mistaken your Republican political and moral views for Christianity.Gee, that was easy. You made an assertion, and I countered it. But assertions are a dime a dozen. Would you care to actually provide some specific discussion about the subject of this post, or about the nature of Christianity? Would you care to discuss whether you believe Obama’s predecessor could have been a Christian, given some things he believed and did? I’m sure you think your viewpoint is self-evidently correct. It isn’t.

  • zach
  • Anonymous

    What Christians forget so quickly is that the Anti-Christ will be appealing even to them! They will not know who he is until it is too late. To know who he is would be to know the year of Christ’s return, something Christ himself proclaimed that no man will know.BTW,Obama isn’t of the right race/heritage,either,in order to be the Anti-C.

  • Intersting discussion and a sense of bitterness. Ideas and Ideologies are just that. These are not usually concrete things in and of themselves. Anitchrist? Well, in all the Christian Doctrines in the world today, excluding the bible, it seems the antichrist comes at least twice per generation. Now, I do know the bible says the second coming will be like a theif in the night, and no one will know. Quit looking for some metaphorical phatasm and begin to live. This is mundane to me.

  • "Please except Jesus and he will show you the truth! "Thank You John from an earlier posting. If I except Jesus, that totally twists the bible around. I accept Jesus, I do not make that history or Jesus the Excetion. This is really annoying. Fundamenatlist?

  • Anonymous

    He is the false prophet. Who comes before the anti Christ.

  • Nicole

    I totally disagree. Apparently you lack complete understanding because even that is a gift from God. Obama’s name is also known as MABUS which equals Satan. His name Barack Hussein Obama has the number 666 in it. When he first won the election he said, “The Dawn is Here.” The Dawn is Lucifer. He said it himself before he won the election he is the last president. He is the 44th President. That means 44 Degree, which means “The Last”. He said change has come when he came. His wife even stated they were here to ‘transcend’ politics….Do you understand what that means? Wow it’s obvious you are plugged into the same cord of Satan and that you’ve knowingly or unknowingly sacrificed your body to him and he’s using you as a puppet. Obama is Satan. America is so evil and known in other countries as ‘the Great Satan’ that Satan himself came to be the President. Obama also claims to be God, he calls himself the anointed one. Wake up and do your research get some knowledge! Name any other president that named Healthcare after himself, and makes your school children sing presidential chants and songs to him in school………..Lastly he discussed the shovel project with America. Letting Americans know in his illuminati way of speaking that he’s about to bury America or put this country in the ground.

    • What a bizarre comment. Obama is … and then you fill in the blank with made up stuff to equate him with other things. If you liked him, perhaps you would have noted that the morning star is equated not only with the king of Babylon negatively in Isaiah (the “Lucifer” passage you presumably had in mind) but also with Jesus in Revelation.

      If only you actually studied the Bible, perhaps you would not mistake your political biases and strange ideas for what the Bible says.

  • rmwilliamsjr

    “Don’t interpret the Bible: JUST READ IT!” While that challenge makes no sense, it is clear that the fundamentalist doesn’t do what they say ought to be done. Having the Bible be “right” is more important than paying attention to what the Bible actually says.

    how do you, in a one-to-one conversation, make this point?
    if people don’t see the interpretive distance between their thoughts and the words on a page, how do you show it to them?

    • To use an example from Nicole’s odd comment, I might try to show them how different the Lucifer passage in Isaiah is from what has grown up around it. When someone has wholly missed the fact that what they believe the Bible says and what the Bible says are far from synonymous, there is perhaps nothing better than showing them evidence from the Bible that ill fits their viewpoint.

  • lisa

    great article

  • Jaspn

    All I had to read was Obama is a Christian and this whole article lost its credibility. You cannot be Christian and mock the bible and go against the word of God, the things he says hold no ground, his actions show his true colors you people are just too mesmerized by his speech.

    • All I had to read was that you cannot go against “the word of God” which the commenter seems to think is the Bible, and this comment lost its credibility. The Bible is full of texts which are characterized by disagreement with other texts that eventually became part of what we call the Bible. Your equation of a collection of human writings with the Word of God shows your true colors, and that you are just too mesmerized by fundamentalist speech.

  • Bri

    The anti Christ is a spirit that people are filled with. That is anti anything having to do with Christ and truth. It hardens the hearts of man and is a world wide event. The beast is our flesh. We ARE our own worst enemy. We have to overcome our flesh man and walk the sacrificed walk of Christ. Most flesh rejects this, including the church world systems. It is not ONE man. He may represent he is only a reflection of the people and how they now think, how they’re judgment is clouded and they’re hearts hardened. Therefore voting for a president that represents them and they’re anti-Christ spirit makes sense.

  • Obama is writen as a three horsemen

  • Servant

    I believe that you are very much mistaken about Revelation 17. The sheer scope of it is far too enormous to ever merely deal with the ecclesiatic affairs of European church. You will find yourself in great error if you don’t use the set-sub set principle of Scripture to understand the five kings and kingdoms are joined together as one thing. And furthermore, that here we are dealing with the World system of great Babylon.
    Not to mention the five preceeding kingdoms cannot even be confined to Egypt, Nineveh, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Syria much less attempt to place the Catholic Church as one of these kingdoms.
    The last time I read anyone naming the Catholic Church in Revelation was back in the 1960’s when I first began to study as a teenager.
    I wonder did it ever occur to you that none of this actually takes place in Europe, but everything happens in the Middle East, except for the woman Babylon, which as the next chapter, 18, clearly describes today’s Globalism. And that the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel is the key to who Babylon is.
    It is the modern day ancestors, the nations of the West, which are the 12 tribes of the house of Israel, who is the wife of Yahweh and she has become the great Whore. As in Scripture, she must first be a wife, to be a whore, or otherwise, she’s just a fornicator.
    What we have then, is God’s wrath falling upon all of these Western nations of Globalism and He saves 12,000 out of each of those which have left from the land and grew into Great nations.
    The Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, is the great whore.
    And the reason why I know President Obama cannot possibly be the antichrist, because he is right now in the bottomless pit, where he went after betraying our Lord in the first century, and from which he shall come stepping up out of the abyss to make war with the Two Witnesses.
    So, we know who the antichrist is, that he is Jewish but we don’t know who he is. We know he is Judas Iscariot, the man of sin, and the son of perdition. Its just that we won’t be able to identify him until he is revealed by acting the way the Bible tells us he will.

  • Cecil Bagpuss

    You say that Creation can be dated from 3983 BCE, but this is somewhat inaccurate. The Universe is about 13.8 billion years old and the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Don’t you think it would be a good idea if you acquainted yourself with the facts of science?