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Review of Birger Pearson’s Ancient Gnosticism

A review I wrote of Birger Pearson’s Ancient Gnosticism: Traditions and Literature (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007) has just appeared in the Review of Biblical Literature. [Read more…]

Review of Kenneth E. Bailey, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

Review of Kenneth E. Bailey, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2008). ISBN 978-0-8308-2568-4. 443 pp. In his latest book, Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Kenneth Bailey provides further discussion of various parts of the New Testament Gospels, from the perspective that has been his own unique [Read More…]

Scam Spam Undermining Your Religion

I was “blessed” to receive the following scam e-mail not once but twice. To all those who have received it and think it may be legitimate, it is not. It is an attempt to get your personal information. Don’t fall for it! The message text follows. Note the hilarious (and presumably unintentional) part about “undermining [Read More…]

Take the Barack Obama Blasphemy Challenge!

I’ve posted a couple of times now on the speculations that are making the rounds by e-mail and on the web about Barack Obama being the antichrist. Clearly many of the Christians making such allegations have not thought things through. The Book of Revelation depicts the Beast as in cahoots with and activated by Satan [Read More…]

Lord of the (Fire)flies

The sure sign that summer is here can be seen out many windows right now: fireflies, or “lightning bugs” as we used to call them. Their luminescence is one of the mysteries of biology, not to mention evolution more specifically. And thus the firefly nicely illustrates the problems created by the “God of the gaps” [Read More…]

Blogging to the Tune of the Eurythmics (Reflections by John Hobbins)

(Third question for John Hobbins) If you knew back in 2005 what you know now, would you have begun blogging? What are the most positive and negative aspects of your own experience of blogging as a Christian, a pastor and an academic? ANSWER: Actually, I’ve only been blogging regularly for 12 or 13 months now. [Read More…]

Doubts, Passions, and Hates (Reflections by John Hobbins)

(Second question for John Hobbins) What one historical or interpretative question related to the Bible or Christianity most troubles you? How do you deal with it? ANSWER: I hate it when people take something like feminism or patriarchy and pass it off, in the name of God, as the gospel. I hate it when people [Read More…]

Relating Pastoral and Academic Work (Reflections by John Hobbins)

(First question for John Hobbins) How do you go about relating your academic interest in Biblical languages and interpretation to your pastoral work? How do you understand the responsibility of Christian academics specialized in Biblical studies? What is involved in trying to “avoid ruining old churches” as an academic and a Christian? I remember someone [Read More…]

Three Questions for John Hobbins

John Hobbins of Ancient Hebrew Poetry recently began a meme/blogathon in which two bloggers take turns asking each other up to ten questions. He went easy on me and asked me three, and I’ve since returned the favor. His answers will be found in the next three posts: (1) Relating Pastoral and Academic Work(2) Doubts, [Read More…]

History Ancient and Modern

Undeception has shared a great chart (from Lawrence Boadt’s book Reading the Old Testament) contrasting the aims and methods of ancient Hebrew historians with those of modern Western ones: [Read more…]