Stroke of Insight

I recently was made aware of the interesting experience of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, who had a stroke that resulted in an experience akin to that described by Buddhists as Nirvana. There is a web page about her work entitled My Stroke Of Insight, as well as the video clip below.

I’m very interested in discussing and exploring the relationship between my own religious experience, psychology, and neuroscience. I am often in two minds (if you’ll excuse the pun) about what to make of much of the current discussion, which seems to combine some genuinely interesting scientific work with a hodgepodge of New Age terminology. Then again, I suspect that’s what some would say about my own views, substituting “Christian” for “New Age”.

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  • Gordon J. Glover

    Get your hands on anything written by Nancey Murphy — mindblowing (or should I say, “neuron-blowing”?).

  • Gordon J. Glover
  • Alan Lenzi

    Cognitive science and religion is really cutting-edge, in my opinion. I’d recommend reading Pascal Boyer, Daniel Dennett, and Stewart Guthrie. I briefly discuss the latter’s book, Faces in the Clouds, here.