Around the Blogosphere

Ken Brown has been invited to join the Dharma Initiative. If you talk to Ken, tell him I’ve heard that a man named Sayyid Jarrah is looking for him. But seriously, do check out the Dharma Wants You site. If nothing else, it is one more thing to do to pass the time until LOST returns.

Ken Schenck continues hissurvey through James D. G. Dunn’s Partings of the Ways, this time focusing on the chapter about “Jesus and the One God”.

Quixie has interacted with a post of mine.

Theolog has a post on the problem of the non-problem of evil.

April DeConick has blogged about “those exclusive Gnostics.”

Drew has reposted an earlier post on atheism, the wager, the burden of proof and the qualitative leap.

Henry Neufeld has a post about Uncommon Descent.

Internet Monk has book recommendations for post-evangelicals.

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