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The Serenity Prayer as Case Study of Oral Tradition

Stephen C. Carlson has recently posted a link to a blog post by Benjamin Zimmer of Language Log, discussing the evidence for the date and transmission of the famous “serenity prayer“, best known today (via widespread print dissemination) in this form: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to [Read More…]

License to Wed

I just finished watching an entertaining comedy, License to Wed, starring Robin Williams as a priest who requires couples planning to get married in his church to take his marriage preparation course. In essence, he puts stress on them beforehand, so that they learn how to deal with conflict and, more than that, to recognize [Read More…]

Discussing the Exodus

There is an interesting post (and the makings of a good follow-up discussion) about “Rabbis’ and Christians’ Views of the Exodus” over at the blog Debunking Christianity. Don’t let the name put you off – they are atheists, but they are really about debunking fundamentalism. I suspect that the diverse range of readers here might [Read More…]

Ancient Authors’ Practices and Procedures

This post is a question, addressed first and foremost to readers who may be scholars and students of ancient history and/or the Bible, but also to others. For some time, researching the interrelationship of the Gospels and the question of sources used, I’ve often found myself wondering about the procedures these ancient authors may have [Read More…]

Lyrics of the Day

“Feel” by Chicago So everybody’s pulling you in all directionsYou don’t know how much longer to take itSo you’ve learned how to fake it That smile on the outside’s fading fastLike the things that you thought for sure would lastBut they didn’tYou know something’s missingIs it your life you’re not living? [Chorus:]Your heart is cold, [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (John Derbyshire)

John Derbyshire (of “The Corner” in the National Review) had the following to say about the bill which Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law recently, the “Louisiana Science Education Act“, supposedly intended to defend “academic freedom”: Whether or not the law as signed is unconstitutional per se, I do not know. I do know, though [Read More…]

Proudly NOT Associated With Any Who’s Who

I received an invitation from yet another Who’s Who today, this time by ordinary mail. This one was Cambridge Who’s Who. Given what I’ve learned and experienced about other Who’s Who organizations, I’m not surprised that they emphasize that they are proudly not associated with any other Who’s Who organization. This one is much glossier, [Read More…]

Wishing The Book Of Genesis Unmythical Doesn’t Make It So

Via Wishing Doesn’t Make It So, I’ve ended up participating in a discussion at the New England Pastor blog on “The Mythical Book of Genesis“. I suspect many regular readers may also find the discussion interesting and worth joining in. [Read more…]

Thank God For Blessing Us With A Fallible Bible

Lately I’ve been wondering what would happen if conservative Christians kept the same notion of a Bible that was verbally inspired, in which God determined precisely what it should contain in every detail, but also took seriously the fact that the Bible contains what appear to be differences of viewpoint, discrepancies, and in some cases [Read More…]

What The Blogosphere Says

Doug Chapin has recommended abandoning talk of “what the Bible says”, with further discussion by Henry Neufeld and Sean the Baptist. Paul Flesher compares ancient and modern readers. The news about the Revelation of Gabriel is being followed by PaleoJudaica, Stephen Cook, Think Christian and many others. Creationists are appealing to the Flintstones in their [Read More…]