Sex in the Biblioblogosphere

The biblioblogs (among others) seem to have turned their attention of late to the Bible’s “naughty bits”. Here is a sampling of some of the blogs that have focused on topics related to sex in recent days:

Doug Chaplin has been looking at sex and the censored Scriptures. He looks at texts of “queer terror”, too.

Codex looked at the Uncensored Bible.

James Crossley considers Evangelical erotica.

Sex comes up at the Lambeth Conference too – once the media looks into it, that is.

This web page on oral sex in the Bible (HT Sex Secrets) helps those who have trouble getting beyond the pomegranates in the Song of Songs’ metaphors.

And of course, there are the things one cannot do if one wants a certain Hebrew Bible job.

Latin sex is much less interesting.

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