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Doug Chapin has recommended abandoning talk of “what the Bible says”, with further discussion by Henry Neufeld and Sean the Baptist. Paul Flesher compares ancient and modern readers.

The news about the Revelation of Gabriel is being followed by PaleoJudaica, Stephen Cook, Think Christian and many others.

Creationists are appealing to the Flintstones in their support. A philosopher has taken on the idea of irreducible complexity. New Scientist covers the latest legal threat to evolution and thus to decent science education.

Faithfully Liberal asks what the religious Left is doing. Open Parachute looks at religion and ceremony. SF Gospel tries to clear up Terry Pratchett’s statements about God. Metanexus’ The Global Spiral has an excerpt from Roy Clouser’s The Myth of Religious Neutrality. At the Center for Progressive Christianity, Terri Murray writes about “Myth-Busting the Religious Right“, while there’s a sermon by Paul Knitter on Jesus, the way that is open to other ways. NPR has a piece on Christine Wicker, whose book on Evangelicalism I hope to read soon. The Berkley Center has a new site tracking religious rhetoric used in political campaigns.
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Mythicists Shock Bart Ehrman, Set Off ..."
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