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Jim West pointed out this clip from “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” on YouTube. The documentary is controversial among fundamentalists, since it dares to present information that is common knowledge among all people who bother reading what Biblical scholars write. [shock, horror]

Biblische Ausbildung has this great cartoon:

Shuck & Jive has a Q&A; with Michael Dowd. Science and Religion Today talks about an astronaut’s faith. LisaJ promots a scientific mind. Peggy suggests where to find cutting-edge information on the biosciences. John Pieret highlights creationist vs. science-supporting school board candidates in Texas.

Science Avenger suggests that some creationist claims are best dealt with through comedy and satire:

The Lead addresses tensions between the Anglican Church’s stance on homosexuals and on human rights. Internet Monk points to a piece at The Ooze about leaving the institutional church. Kay at the Crowded Handbasket asks “Why Christian?” A state senator is suing God. Scot McKnight continues his series on good teachers and on heaven. Ken Schenck continues blogging through Hebrews. Sean highlights a book on Baptist spirituality. Loren Rosson offers the TULIP of the new perspective on Paul.

C.Orthodoxy is watching his back, as both the Dharma Initiative and Sayid are after him.

I went outside to see if I could spot a meteor early this morning. There was too much light pollution and some cloud cover, as well as trees obscuring my view. Maybe if it is clearer tonight. Will (biblio)bloggers be having any kind of get-together in Boston in November?
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  • Ken Brown

    If a workable time could be found, I’d be happy to get together with other bibliobloggers at SBL. That’s assuming, of course, that Dharma or Sayid don’t knock me off first. 😉

  • hea

    RE: The Bible’s Buried Secrets on PBS.Is there any evidence in support of the Exodus? Did it really happen? Ph.D. scientist Gerald E. Aardsma has studied and written on the Exodus for many years. He has some compelling evidence which shows that the Exodus did indeed happen! If you are looking for factual, scientific data, Dr. Aardsma has a book regarding the Exodus that you can order by going to this link:

  • James F. McGrath

    hea, it is oversimplifying things to suggest that the evidence shows that “the Exodus did indeed happen”. It may be, as some of the scholars interviewed on The Bible’s Buried Secrets suggest, that a smaller group than the Bible indicates left Egypt and sparked or simply meshed well with a revolution taking place in Canaan. But if you mean by “the Exodus” that every detail from the story of Moses to the conquest of Canaan has been demonstrated through archaeology, then you are mistaken.