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Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my question about self publishing. If I go ahead with publishing in that format, I’d love to have a photo of a first century Jewish tomb or ossuary on the cover. Does anyone have any that they may have taken on a trip to Israel, and which they’d be willing to allow to be used on a book cover, in exchange for the prestige of having their name listed on the back with the words “Cover photo by”? :-)

Anyone who is artistically inclined and thinks they could draw something of this sort, that might also be an option.

I’d prefer not to use one that looks like the one below, for obvious reasons… :-)

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  • BSM

    You should check out FLICKR. A colleague got back from a conference where this site was promoted. Not all the photos are public domain but there is a TON that are. Check their help section about copyright. Keyword “Jewish Tomb” results in over a 1000 hits and many are free to use. -B

  • Doug Chaplin

    James,I’ve emailed you a possible pic

  • James F. McGrath

    If a photo is available online and in the public domain, does that allow one to use it without further ado on a commercial product such as a book?

  • spiritcry

    I’m not a lawyer, but I have read widely on this matter. Don’t construe this as legal advice, don’t use the information in a nuclear submarine, yada yada yada…Anyway, if it is public domain you can do anything you like with it, at least in terms of printing it, modifying it and distributing it. So go your hardest. It would be good form, though, to give attributions (photographer’s name, photo’s URL, etc) in an appropriate place.However, the trick is to make sure it is, in fact, in the public domain. If the copyright holder has tagged it as such, there’s a reasonable chance that they intended for that to be the case. However, you have to consider the possibility that the photo was uploaded by somebody else. You also have to consider the possibility that the service you’re using puts ‘public domain’ boilerplate on all photos by default and the photo owner may not be aware of that fact.You might also want to check the photo’s country of origin. What that country considers public domain and what yours does may be subtly different.Having said all that, you’re probably good to go. In any case it would probably be a good idea to check with the photo’s owner, even if it’s just to let them know their photo’s appearing on a book and they might like to buy a copy for their mum!