Keep Teaching The “Controversy”

Martin at Sneer Review has posted another installment in his “Teach Both Sides” series of posters. Don’t miss the DNA code in the background!

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  • Kay

    I’m not quite sure what that is on the left side of the seesaw. Is it a martian holding a bible? I swear that’s what it looks like to me. 😀

  • Click and you’ll get a bigger picture. It is a magician’s hat and wand. I look forward to hearing what you will probably reflect on in the near future, about reenchanting existence without posing precisely this “magic vs. science” sort of dichotomy typical of modernity…

  • Sigmund

    I’m not happy with this picture, James. Now that I see it on the web it looks a little unclear. I’ll update it soon with a better version.The magic aspect isn’t really a comment on religion in general, rather the shortcut that ID proponents take to explain anything.

  • Ken Miller uses “God the magician” for his treatment of one of the varieties of pseudoscience in his Finding Darwin’s God, and so it didn’t seem to me an inappropriate denigration of religion, but an appropriate characterization (even on the part of the religious) of ID.

  • Archetype for “Goddidit”.