LOST Book of the Law

In the episode “What Kate Did”, Mr. Eko makes reference to the “Book of Law” that was found by Josiah in the temple in Jerusalem. He then reveals that he found a book, a Bible, in which was hidden what turned out to be the missing parts of the Dharma Initiative orientation video for the Swan station.

Since then, we’ve learned that Richard Alpert brought an old book with “Book of Laws” on the cover when he visited young John Locke. Are we to think of John as a Josiah-like figure, who will resbuild or restore something?

I wonder if the show’s creators are aware that there are Biblical scholars who’ve suspected that the book of the law “found” in Josiah’s time may have been created (or at least revised and edited) in order to support Josiah’s “reforms”, which were perhaps more like a revolution.

And of course, in The Matrix Neo kept software hidden in a copy of Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulations (or a simulation in book form of that essay). Baudrillard in fact provided much of the subplot for the Matrix films. Is this a clue that the Bible, in some form or other, plays a similar role in underpinning LOST?

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  • I think the Lost writers in ’04 were shrewd enough to take note of Mel’s Passion. All of Hollywood began considering how to incorporate ‘christian’ elements as they realized viewership would go up and that backlash had become relatively passe.In that view, I think Lindeloff/Cuse are happy to borrow biblical elements often, but I think those elements are normally used to illustrate major themes that are more in line with non-christian religion/philosophies, mainly.That’s been my take throughout, anyway. fwiw.

  • One thing about Eco: Some of what he says is heresy. There was that one episode where he was baptizing Kate and Aaron, and he said that Jesus had his sins washed away. But Jesus had no sin. Eco knows his Bible in some parts (even though he said Josiah found the whole Old Testament in the temple), but then he says something that shows unawareness of basic Christian doctrine. But, then again, he’s not exactly a real priest.

  • yeah the thing with eco is unti he arrived on the island he wasnt actually a priest or father person thingher was a criminal i guess with some knowladge of the bibles teachning due to his upbringing.so his inaccuracies, in my opinion, illuminate the truth about eco’s mascaraedhe chooses to maintain an image of someone holy, but its a facade, and when confronted by the monster to own up and confess to his sins his refusal leads to his death.I agree with how the biblical elements are uses to illustrate and add flavor to the plot, its often used to signify a character trait or direct your understanding of a situation. its a post modern as you can get really without really losing people in metaphor and stuff.yeah

  • Anonymous

    surprised no one has mentioned Alister Crowley's Book of the Law as a reference. THe writers have already mentioned that Robert Anton WIlson is an influence in the show.