LOST Mothers of the Chosen

My viewing of season 1 of LOST continues. The episode “Not Raised By Another” shows again just how much of later developments were indeed in mind early on. We’ve already been told that the finding of “Adam and Eve” in the caves was an important clue intended to ensure that, whatever twists and turns might follow, some element of the originally-intended plot line could be shown to have been intended from the outset. In this episode, Claire has a dream in which Locke is playing cards at a table, and instead of eyes has one black stone and one white stone, like those found in the little sack that was on one of the corpses in the cave.

We know that the makers of LOST are Star Wars fans. I cannot imagine that, when they have the psychic warn that he senses grave danger surrounding the child (Aaron) and his upbringing, they were not thinking of the words Yoda says about young Anakin skywalker. And in both Star Wars and LOST, we see at least one figure who has lost his mother turn to the dark side, spurred on by that loss.

When Claire’s pen and the lawyer’s fail to work, it is just like what happens to Michael when he tries to kill himself in season 4. Already they had in mind the notion that the island could reach out and influence events.

The psychic got her on the plane, so she could get to the island. But what was supposed to happen there? If it is so crucial that Claire raise the baby, why in season 4 does she leave him and allow him to be taken off the island, even going so far as to warn Kate in a vision that she mustn’t bring him back? It seems that since Christian is “speaking for” Jacob, perhaps the island is “under new management” and there is another side trying to influence things. We know that two sides are fighting for the island. What is the relationship between John Locke, another miracle child and “chosen one”, and Aaron? If Ben’s mantle has been passed to Locke, is it Christian’s that has been passed to Aaron? How does Widmore relate to the latter? Is Walt another “miracle child”? If they keep adding to that list, this will turn into a prequel for Heroes!

So many questions still unanswered – but that’s what makes this show so great! And it is great watching these early episodes I missed, and thinking what it must have been like to watch it while the menace was still a phantom

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  • I love Lost because the writers are top notch, and I agree they definitely had the whole arc in mind from season one.Your point about Claire’s pen and Michael’s gun is intriguing. During season one, “Fate” was a key term, wheras in season four it’s shown that various ‘higher powers’ are actually influencing events. So I’ll be watching in seasons five and six to see if “Fate” makes a return appearance – and whether Lindelof/Cuse finish up by portraying such thoughts to be superstitions of the helpless or something… more ambiguous.Definitely interesting.PS: You did notice that Claire’s psychic was the one who admitted to Mr. Eko he was just a fake, right?

  • When was that? I don’t remember it, probably because when I saw that episode I hadn’t seen this one. The obvious conclusion is that Claire getting to the island is being orchestrated, not by an unseen hand of fate but by human players in the unfolding drama. The warning not to let the child be raised by another, like the statement about an adoptive couple in LA, were all simply intended to get Claire to the island. Who is behind it? How about Christian Shepherd? Maybe he went to Australia to die knowing he needed to reach the island as a corpse and take on some new form of existence.OK, now you’ve really got me thinking…

  • Oops. I assumed you’d seen that one. Sorry for the spoiler – it’s a major woah if you see them in order. The Eko flashback I mean was season 3, if memory serves, where we saw him as a priest in Australia, and on-island, Yemi (Smokey) killed Eko. I think that’s the one.Btw, it could have been the pre-supernatural C.S. who fixed Claire’s psychic reading. He’d be most likely to pay for a plane ticket to LA, where Christian could have been waiting to p/u the baby.I’m eager to see if the Candle/Halliwax clip (you posted recently, and thanx, btw) explains how C.S. got his powers. Gotta go bak-in-time! ;)Best. TV Writers. Ever.Thanks for the fun…

  • It doesn’t count as a spoiler – it is something I saw in season 3 but didn’t understand the significance of because I hadn’t seen this episode in season 1. I’m not planning on going back to rewatch season 3 any time soon, so I appreciate your drawing the connection.When you wrote “C.S.” at first I thought you meant Charlotte Stapleton [Lewis]! 🙂

  • ” You did notice that Claire’s psychic was the one who admitted to Mr. Eko he was just a fake, right?”So what are we supposed to assume from this? That Kate is supposed to raise Aaron, based on a lie?