M-Audio Session Keystudio

I recently bought the M-AUDIO Session KeyStudio. For less than a hundred dollars on Amazon.com, you get a 49-key keyboard MIDI controller and Session software. I already had Mixcraft installed, and so I tend to use that for recording. It also includes drum and other loops. The keyboard is just a MIDI controller – it doesn’t have a built in synthesizer or speakers, so it needs to be connected to your computer’s USB port (and your computer needs to have speakers) to work.

I’ve recorded a little improvized jazzy piece to demonstrate it. Just a bit of random music, each track recorded in a single take. Listen if you’re interested.

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  • James, that’s cool. I just got a m-audio product as well the Fast Track. I’ve also got Acid Music Studio and am slowly figuring out how to use it all. Hilary has a keyboard with midi output in Moz. so we’ll play with that when we get back there.Too bad we can’t all get together and jam.

  • I’m a HUGE fan of the M-Audio Trigger Finger, and I have one of their smaller keyboards as well.

  • David, I could imagine organizing a bibliobloggers’ jam session at SBL, but that would involve people bringing instruments and probably wouldn’t get very far.We could always share things we’ve recorded on Mixcraft or other software, and once someone else jams along with it, they pass on the expanded file to the person they got it from or to someone else, who adds more, and so on. Not quite jamming in the garage, but it could still be fun!

  • You could always jam with http://www.jamstudio.com which lets you jam online! But not with the software you have. :-(Seriously, what is the difference between M-Audio Session (which is the software that shipped with your keyboard and is supposed to be terrific with tons of loops and instruments out of the box) in comparison to Mixcraft? They seem to be very similar!Thanks, Pashutepashutes.blogspot.com