Quote of the Day (Tony Campolo)

“One of the main reasons I became a Christian was that I was told I would be joining an army that was doing battle with evil forces, powers that were all too evident and often in control of the world around me. I was told that I would be joining with other Christians and participating with God in revolutionizing society. Such a calling whetted my appetite to do something heroic with my life! But once recruited, I was told that my assignment in the army was to be a recruiting sergeant whose duty was to recruit other recruiting sergeants who, in turn, would recruit other recruiters…and so on! It wasn’t long before I had a sense that this “army” I had joined was not much more than a battalion of recruiters who were recruited to recruit recruiters, ad infinitum. I was led to believe this was the only responsibility of Christians” (Tony Campolo, Red Letter Christians (Ventura: Regal, 2008) pp.34-45).
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  • http://howieluvzus.com/ Howie Luvzus

    Amen. I really think that mentality is why so many of my friends from seminary are not in the “ministry” any more. They were brought up in a context that said following Jesus is about recruitment. It’s very sad. Campolo nails this one.