Reflections on the ComicCon Dharma Video

I’ve posted the video below before, but haven’t had the chance to watch it carefully and comment on it until now. Some of the most important elements are the following:

1) We learn that Dr. Marvin Candle is in face really an astrophysicist from Ann Arbor, Michigan whose name is Pierre Cheng or Chang.

2) A baby is there and crying. I doubt that detail is there for no purpose. Perhaps it is Cheng’s own child, and we will meet the child as an adult. Perhaps we’ve already met that person.

3) The transmission is being sent through a “pinhole” in time, allowing the transmission to be sent from the past to the future.

4) Daniel Faraday, presumably unstuck in time, has been able to contact Cheng and help him make the video.

5) It is said to be imperative that the Dharma Initiative be reconstituted and continue its research. And there is that great line, “Time is not merely of the essence. It is the essence”.

6) Finally, is it just me or does he at one point call it the “God-forsaken island”? That reminds me of how Ben said that God cannot see the island any more than anyone else can. Hmm…

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  • James Pate

    I recently watched the episode from the third season when Ben Linus was a kid. That doctor was on a Dharma Initiative video. Does he ever age? He looks the same as on that one video you posted where he’s talking about George W. Bush.

  • James F. McGrath

    Pierre Chang, in this video, is sending a message to the future through a pinhole in time. Someone (presumably Daniel Faraday) has told him about the future. He is talking to our time (George W. Bush’s time), not in our time.Richard Alpert, on the other hand, really doesn’t seem to age…