Amazon Bestseller!

I must offer thanks to those who decided to pre-order The Only True God. I just looked and it was ranked as a bestseller, coming in at #53 on in the category

Books > Religion & Spirituality > Judaism > History of Religion

Of course, I initially suspected that perhaps there were only 53 books in this category, but not so! :-)

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  • Agnosis00

    Prof. McGrath,I was wondering, what do you cover in this book that you do not cover in your other excellent book on Christology?

  • James F. McGrath

    Thank you for the compliment, and the question! The short answer is that the new book has a chapter on John where there is some overlap with the treatment of monotheism and Christology in my first book. But the book as a whole is about the study of monotheism in relation to Christology, the nature of Jewish monotheism in the Greco-Roman era, and the character of a wider range of New Testament writings considered in relation to the Jewish monotheism of the time. The book ends with a consideration of Rabbinic literature and the “parting of the ways”, and then a consideration of how the book’s main point might relate to things like Christian theology and Jewish-Christian dialogue.