Another Flyer

Here’s a link to another flyer for The Burial of Jesus, highlighting some of what I think are the more interesting topics discussed and conclusions drawn in the book. I wasn’t sure if it sounded too “sensationalistic” for this flyer to be useful in promoting the book to academic libraries.

I also learned that there are hundreds of people who hate the Papyrus font. They even have a Facebook group. Do many people reading this blog feel the same way? What other fonts are the object of similar hatred?!
I hate to think that there are hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of potential readers who will look at the book’s cover, shudder when they see the font, and turn away…
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  • David Ker

    I meant to say yesterday “Good job!” and congrats on getting this far on your book. Regarding artwork and font my question would be with regard to distribution. Is it going to be primarily in bookstores? Is there an electronic version coming out? Looking at the cover on the RSS feed I had trouble reading the font and your name was almost invisible. Also, the light filled door was somewhat hard to understand.In bookshops I am drawn to books with nice spines.

  • steph

    I’m very interested in your book and I know someone else also writing a book who will be very interested as well – interested enough to buy it (and I’ll borrow his).I hate to admit though – I don’t like the cover. It reminds me of something else and would have put me off but for the author.

  • Cameron Horsburgh

    I like the cover, and I don’t mind the font, although I could imagine it could easily become a bit overused. Tempus Sans had a fairly similar fate—it really looks nice, but everyone started to use it.I can never take a book seriously if it has Comic Sans. It has its place (it is very good for using with children—the letters are formed the way kids are encouraged to write them) and formal work, books and titling aren’t them. Please, stay away from it. While you’re at it, try looking at for a bit of a giggle.