Judging a Book by its Cover

I’ve posted a larger image of the book’s cover over on The Burial of Jesus blog. I’m posting it here as well. I’ve hopefully gained a new respect for the difficult work cover designers do, if nothing else, through the process of making my own covers!

If there is a next time that I publish a book through a similar process, I plan to get feedback on a range of possible designs before proceeding. In this case, however, this is a book that was already written, and since I have two conference papers and a book chapter to finish between now and November, and a sabbatical this Spring when I want to be focused on other projects, it seemed the right thing to do to go ahead and publish this now, and move the process along as quickly as possible before we get too far into the semester.

Many thanks to all who, in spite of my less than excellent taste when it comes to designing book covers, have expressed an interest in reading the book nonetheless. And I hope that what I’ve done with it will prove acceptable to Doug Chaplin, who kindly allowed me to use a photo he took of a Jewish tomb, and which I think works well as a book cover.
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13140007604009678479 David Ker

    Come on, man. We need advance copies so we can start writing dust jacked endorsements. Actually most of us could just make something up.That Doug is gifted. He helped us clean up our missionary fridge photo.