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I’ve highlighted the wonderful resource that is before on this blog. But today I took a look to see what was there related not to my scholarly research interests, but to the music I love.

I found a book about one of my favorite composers, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, as well as the score for one of his operas, Die Tote Stadt. Books written by Arnold Bax as well as the sheet music for his Second Sonata. Scores to works by Gustav Holst (unfortunately not including “The Hymn of Jesus”, which I hope to get my “Heresy” class to listen to, as well as perhaps the setting of three of the Odes of Solomon by Alan Hovhaness). If you search for the keyword “Hovhaness” on you won’t find those particular songs, but there is streaming audio of interviews with the composer and a concert.

Alas, there was nothing at related to Kurt Atterberg…but no resource can be perfect! :-)
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