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Online Resources for New Testament Studies

Via an advertisement on the N. T. Wright Page, I discovered the Wesley Ministries Network, which has online lectures (many of which one must pay for) but also free materials in the form of lectures and articles by scholars such as (to give one example) Larry Hurtado. [Read more…]

The Burial of Jesus: Now Available in the UK

The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith can now be purchased through! [Read more…]

The Shame of Jesus’ Burial

Ultimately my view of the burial of Jesus as a dishonorable one was shaped in particular by Raymond Brown’s conclusions in his magnificent two-volume study, The Death of the Messiah. But another scholar who has also explored this evidence and drawn a similar conclusion is Byron McCane. His chapter on the subject, “‘Where No One [Read More…]

Solutions for Homosexual Christians

Christians with possessions face a problem, at least in theory, because they are living in direct disobedience to an explicit command of Jesus, found in Luke 14:33. But several interpretative options to get around this have long been used. It is generally considered enough to give up some possessions, or unnecessary or superfluous ones. Alternatively, [Read More…]

Galactica Elections

For those looking for amusement rather than controversy, I commend the Battlestar Galactica election bumper stickers, T-shirts and other paraphernalia offered at Galactica Sitrep. From there, you’ll discover there are still other offerings of a similar sort around the web. As a fan of the show, my slogan is “Four more years”. But I guess [Read More…]

If You’re Bored…

If you’re bored, you can always go see if you can keep some discussion going over on, where I am trying to start a discussion on the same topic as my recent post here, namely the Bible and history. Or, if you liked my video clip on YouTube about an aspect of my new [Read More…]

Alliance for Science Essay Contest

From the NCSE: The Alliance for Science — a non-profit organization which seeks “to heighten public understanding and support for science and to preserve the distinctions between science and religion in the public sphere” — is holding its third annual essay contest. The theme is “In Darwin’s Footsteps,” and students are encouraged “to identify and [Read More…]

Nature, Scripture and Homosexuality

David Ker has jumped into the ferocious waters of the issue of homosexuality by commenting on Ray Boltz coming out. Here’s what I commented on the subject: Presumably if we want to do the subject justice, we’ll need to get beyond the Levitical code, which includes a great deal that is considered to be of [Read More…]

Intelligent Design, Academic Freedom and Peer Review

I just discovered Opposing Viewpoints (HT The Panda’s Thumb), and decided to chime in on the discussion of Intelligent Design over there. Here’s what I wrote in a sub-forum on academic freedom and ID: Perhaps what is needed is to distinguish between academic freedom and peer review. Many regulations about academic freedom are broad, and [Read More…]

Jesus Probably Rose From The Dead: On Historical Study and Christian Apologetics

In thinking about the issues of history and faith, I’ve come to the conclusion that a key challenge facing Christianity in our time can be outlined as follows: First, Christianity as historically understood has a close connection with historical events. Second, historical study provides the only tools available by which to answer questions such as [Read More…]