Quote and Images of the Day

First, a quote from Steve Hammer, who writes for our local free newspaper NUVO:

“The only logical rationale I can see for supporting the Republican ticket is if you belong to the subset of the population that wants to see the Book of Revelation come true in their lifetime and a vice president who can take over and lead us to her Alaskan refuge after the Rapture.”

That sentiment seems to match that depicted in this poster (HT Shuck & Jive):

The ultimate source is apparently Street Prophets, which also pointed to this gem from I Can Has Cheezburger:

funny pictures

All of this goes to show that it isn’t just Unitarian Universalists who pick and choose from the Bible (HT Glocal Christianity):

There’s a lot of heated rhetoric on both sides. I seriously believe that if it could be demonstrated to everyone’s satisfaction that neither side can simply quote the Bible as self-evidently supporting their viewpoint, perhaps we could get talking about the real issues.

But to do that safely, we’ll need to leave our scissors and other sharp objects at home…

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  • Our understanding of everything is so dependent on everything….:)! Why not evaluate life from one’s own perspective, knowing that it is limited, but, commtited to the values one’s holds dearest, and then talk on a human platform, not a spiritualized one. Otherwise, God is either the scapegoat or the hammer, whichever is useful for our purposes at the time…Politics is the air we breathe, and there’s no denying that this is where real life is played out. The most powerful are the most powerful. And it is an unfortunate day when the most powerful cease to be human. Whenever our position becomes more important than the people that we are over, then we must bow out, take a break or something so that we can remain humane, otherwise, we are bound to become Hitler, thinking that we bring about God’s Kingdom, but destroying the very epitome of God’s image,,,,,man….

  • LOL on those pictures. Especially the McCain Palin one. These are strange times.