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The discussion of whether Jesus existed has spread to C.Orthodoxy. Experimental Theology discusses the existence of Hobbes. Jason explains why you should vote – especially if your name is [insert name here].

Scotteriology explains why Barack Obama should be viewed as the Lord’s anointed one. Jesus Creed discusses racism in Christian theology. NT Wrong explains his categorization of biblioblogs. Shuck and Jive highlights the usefulness of NT Wrong’s list of biblioblogs for stalking Bible scholars. Jim Davila, Claude Mariottini and Biblia Hebraica highlight what may be the oldest Hebrew inscription yet found. Abnormal Interests and Jim West note another interesting discovery: this seal. Biblia Hebraica also notes the developments in the forgery trial focused around, among other things, the James Ossuary. Balshanut continues blogging the Documentary Hypothesis (focusing this time on challenges to it). Crypto-Theology focuses on Paul and postmodernism. Antiquitopia has several interesting posts including one on the Bible and socialism and another with an article on science and Hinduism.

Open Parachute writes about Einstein’s God. John Pieret blogs about natural method. The Austringer points us to an interview with Lauri Lebo in the San Francisco Chronicle. Sandwalk explains how to cite blogs.
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